Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Expert Projects

Just before Spring Break, our grade 1 class decided to become experts.  I got the idea for Expert Projects from a fellow teacher who started doing Expert Projects during Daily Five with her grade 1/2 class at Dr. Hamilton.  We decided that we were interested in becoming experts of a great many different things.  We had do a lot of research in order to become experts and then decided to present our new found knowledge using PowerPoint to create presentations.  As a class, we built criteria that everyone had to follow for their project.  We had an Expert Project showcase and invited our families and other people in our school.  Each student had the chance to present their Expert Project.  It was a great success!  I have shared some of our projects on our blog under the Expert Project tab above. 
I know that everyone worked very hard.  I will continue to add the rest of our projects this week. 
- Miss Matsumoto

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Manitoba Museum

Yesterday, for the whole day, our class, along with the other grade one classes went to the Manitoba Museum for a field trip.  We took school buses there and back and saw lots of great things!  We spent time upstairs in the museum and downstairs in the Science Gallery.  We saw a Sense-sational science experiment and also got to eat ice cream!!  - Miss Matsumoto

The ice cream was -200 degrees cold.  This guy gave us four bags in our four groups that had things inside.  When I felt slime inside, first I thought it was a soggy diaper.  It was really slime! And we heard sound effects and we had to name them.  Then at the end, we got to go and play. - Isaiah

The guy who made the Manitoba Museum ice cream didn't even have to put it in the freezer.  It was liquid gas that made it cold.  There was lots of smoke.  - Enya

At the Science Gallery there was this thing where you would pull the rope and the chair went up and when you let go the chair would drop.  We saw some different houses that people used to live in a long time ago.  We saw a forest, some animals and we also saw wolves.  There was dummies that looked freaky! - Tanaye

We got to wear some socks and we were able to go in the maze full of mirrors.  The wall was filled with mirrors, and the floors were filled with mirrors.  It was a maze, but it was short and I loved it!  I wished it was big! - Lara

There was a racetrack.  People were racing cars.  The fastest car was the green car.   - Kale

There was a camera where you stand and put yourself in front of a wall and then someone pressed a red button.  You need to run back quickly and go back to the wall.  And then you look again at the wall and see your shadow on the wall. - Aiden

I was racing cars.  Then I was in the lead.  Then my car had rims and now I just changed my tires because I wanted them to be smaller. - Skylar