Thursday, October 30, 2014


This post has a MATH focus.  We have been learning about a particular thing in Math...  Our class has been learning about ODD and EVEN numbers.  We have been learning about how to tell if a number is odd or even in a number of different ways. We have also been reading some books about odd and even numbers.
- Miss Matsumoto

We've been learning about odds and evens in Math.  And we have been reading some books and they are VERY WEIRD! And our class likes learning about evens and odds because it is fun.  Evens and odds are numbers you can count with.  Evens you can count by 2s and sometimes by 5s or 10s.  There are lots of things about evens and odds that we can learn every day.  And in our class we have an estimation jar with some candy pumpkins but we already did that.  The winners were Izabel and A..  We counted our numbers and it was over 70 pumpkins, but Izabel and A. decided to share them with the class.  They decided to give us each 3 and then split the rest for them to take home.  Okay, that's it - Good-bye! - Evva

We have been working on a lot of stuff today.  Good-bye.  - Gabe

We can count the numbers to see if it's even or odd.  - Izabel

We wait to see if there is an odd one out or not when we put them in partner groups. - Devlin & Tyler

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Update of Our School Year so far...

We had a GREAT September at school here in Room 163.  We have been doing Daily Five and building our STAMINA.  We can read for 15 minutes in Read to Self and Read to Someone.  We are hoping to add another choice to our Daily Five in the upcoming week.  We have been writing a lot.  We have pen pals in Grade 8 from another school.  We have received letters from them and are working on our letters back to them.  In Science we have been studying body parts and have been discussing external body parts.  We are working on life-sized self-portraits with our Learning Buddies.  We also studied the artwork of Kandinsky and created our own concentric circles.  There have also been a lot of special days at our school.
- Miss Matsumoto

For October, we have been excited to get our pen pal letters from Grade 8s in a different school, but they are still in Winnipeg.  A couple days ago we got their letters and all of us read them and we started writing letters back.  And also a couple days ago, we had an assembly about Fire Prevention Week.  It started on Sunday.  For fire prevention week we got to go in this little thingy that looked like a trailer but wasn't.  It was lots of fun.  We have also been working on life-sized portraits.  Our learning buddies traced all our body parts on a big piece of paper.  And we have to add details and colour and cut them out.  And we also finished our Kandinsky art of concentric circles and we are moving on to a different art which I think everyone is art.  We had to pick up 10 leaves off the ground and we had to put them in a book and flatten them and bring them to school and put them under paper and then we colour them on the side with crayon and then we paint them and then we let them dry.  And I also want to tell you about the Hallway Matrix.  We have been learning about how to do the Hallway Matrix and walking the right way in the hallway and getting these little yellow passes.  The teachers that give them to us, they will put what we were doing right or check it off and put our names and our class on it.  And that's about the Hallway Matrix.  That's it Bye! - Evva

We have been working on our stamina on Read to Self.  And we have been doing a bunch of leaf crafts.  We've also been going out the window on the fire truck.  And we to back to our classroom.  Then we also have Learning Buddies in Grade 8 who are in Winnipeg.  - Kendra

We have snacks when we got back to our classroom.  - Nikki

We have lunch too!  And we also have gym. - Madyson

Today we have a special activity called a Writing Activity.  I think yesterday we went to a fire truck and got into a trailer and the smoke was actually made from oil.  Our pen pals have been writing to us and we got them a couple of weeks ago.  We wrote back to them.  Some of us are done and some are not.  In Music we were practicing an Aboriginal celebration and we were also practicing Aboriginal drumming and we saw a video of a party for Aboriginal people.  There was a little circle for men who were playing the Aboriginal drums.  There was a big circle for ladies and there were some gentlemen.  - A.

We also have been changing our jobs every week and we also have been changing our table spots too.  And we also have been having birthdays. - Lyric

We've been changing our meeting area spots every month and our table spots every month.  And we have been learning about our Body parts and other things.  - Elise

We've been having gym.  And we have been working on stamina.  We are still working on our pen pal letters.  - Gabe

A forgotten post...

It is a brand new school year at Bernie Wolfe!  Our classroom again is VERY special because we have both Grade 1 and 2 students in Room 163.

We have been doing Math.  We have been doing very respectful things.  - K.

We've been doing Math today.  At math we talked about patterns and the elements.  - A.