Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Month of September in Room 163

During the month of September, Room 163 worked very hard and of course, were extremely busy.  We made self-portraits and a book about our summer.  We are also are working on a Classroom Bucket Book.  We read the two books about how to fill someone's bucket and decided to make our own book about how WE can do it too!  We also are going to keep track of how we filled each other's buckets using our bucket tree.  We started doing our word sorts and have begun our reading groups.  We are studying the food groups and will soon be starting our Monster Project!

Miss Matsumoto

We have started our home reading.  It's fun!  Because you learn how to read. - Kale

We are going to make a monster.  Our teacher sent a note to our families and the note tells our families that we have to bring supplies for our monster.  And we are starting our word sorts.  - Ella

We will start our Monster Project and we are reading our books.  We read at Daily 5 and we started doing our books.  We are doing a flat project and we have a early dismissal in the P.M. at 2:45.  We just go to gym.  We went to gym already.  And we are going to read our flat stories. - M.

We already started our Flat characters where we make ourselves flat.  And we will do stories about how our characters became flat.  And we are doing a Bucket Book, but first we put it on the board.  - Lara

We sent letters to our Pen Pals, but we haven't got theirs yet.  - Sierra

Our monster project is starting in October.  We are almost starting it. - A.

We have lots of monster parts for our monster project.  - Evva

This year we are doing our Monster project.  We are working on the legs.  We are working on stories on how we became flat and we also made flat characters.  In September we started our jobs and our number line. - Stella