Thursday, October 30, 2014


This post has a MATH focus.  We have been learning about a particular thing in Math...  Our class has been learning about ODD and EVEN numbers.  We have been learning about how to tell if a number is odd or even in a number of different ways. We have also been reading some books about odd and even numbers.
- Miss Matsumoto

We've been learning about odds and evens in Math.  And we have been reading some books and they are VERY WEIRD! And our class likes learning about evens and odds because it is fun.  Evens and odds are numbers you can count with.  Evens you can count by 2s and sometimes by 5s or 10s.  There are lots of things about evens and odds that we can learn every day.  And in our class we have an estimation jar with some candy pumpkins but we already did that.  The winners were Izabel and A..  We counted our numbers and it was over 70 pumpkins, but Izabel and A. decided to share them with the class.  They decided to give us each 3 and then split the rest for them to take home.  Okay, that's it - Good-bye! - Evva

We have been working on a lot of stuff today.  Good-bye.  - Gabe

We can count the numbers to see if it's even or odd.  - Izabel

We wait to see if there is an odd one out or not when we put them in partner groups. - Devlin & Tyler

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Update of Our School Year so far...

We had a GREAT September at school here in Room 163.  We have been doing Daily Five and building our STAMINA.  We can read for 15 minutes in Read to Self and Read to Someone.  We are hoping to add another choice to our Daily Five in the upcoming week.  We have been writing a lot.  We have pen pals in Grade 8 from another school.  We have received letters from them and are working on our letters back to them.  In Science we have been studying body parts and have been discussing external body parts.  We are working on life-sized self-portraits with our Learning Buddies.  We also studied the artwork of Kandinsky and created our own concentric circles.  There have also been a lot of special days at our school.
- Miss Matsumoto

For October, we have been excited to get our pen pal letters from Grade 8s in a different school, but they are still in Winnipeg.  A couple days ago we got their letters and all of us read them and we started writing letters back.  And also a couple days ago, we had an assembly about Fire Prevention Week.  It started on Sunday.  For fire prevention week we got to go in this little thingy that looked like a trailer but wasn't.  It was lots of fun.  We have also been working on life-sized portraits.  Our learning buddies traced all our body parts on a big piece of paper.  And we have to add details and colour and cut them out.  And we also finished our Kandinsky art of concentric circles and we are moving on to a different art which I think everyone is art.  We had to pick up 10 leaves off the ground and we had to put them in a book and flatten them and bring them to school and put them under paper and then we colour them on the side with crayon and then we paint them and then we let them dry.  And I also want to tell you about the Hallway Matrix.  We have been learning about how to do the Hallway Matrix and walking the right way in the hallway and getting these little yellow passes.  The teachers that give them to us, they will put what we were doing right or check it off and put our names and our class on it.  And that's about the Hallway Matrix.  That's it Bye! - Evva

We have been working on our stamina on Read to Self.  And we have been doing a bunch of leaf crafts.  We've also been going out the window on the fire truck.  And we to back to our classroom.  Then we also have Learning Buddies in Grade 8 who are in Winnipeg.  - Kendra

We have snacks when we got back to our classroom.  - Nikki

We have lunch too!  And we also have gym. - Madyson

Today we have a special activity called a Writing Activity.  I think yesterday we went to a fire truck and got into a trailer and the smoke was actually made from oil.  Our pen pals have been writing to us and we got them a couple of weeks ago.  We wrote back to them.  Some of us are done and some are not.  In Music we were practicing an Aboriginal celebration and we were also practicing Aboriginal drumming and we saw a video of a party for Aboriginal people.  There was a little circle for men who were playing the Aboriginal drums.  There was a big circle for ladies and there were some gentlemen.  - A.

We also have been changing our jobs every week and we also have been changing our table spots too.  And we also have been having birthdays. - Lyric

We've been changing our meeting area spots every month and our table spots every month.  And we have been learning about our Body parts and other things.  - Elise

We've been having gym.  And we have been working on stamina.  We are still working on our pen pal letters.  - Gabe

A forgotten post...

It is a brand new school year at Bernie Wolfe!  Our classroom again is VERY special because we have both Grade 1 and 2 students in Room 163.

We have been doing Math.  We have been doing very respectful things.  - K.

We've been doing Math today.  At math we talked about patterns and the elements.  - A.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Caterpillar Observation Update

Our class has been very excitedly watching our caterpillars growing and eating.  Every morning, everyone RUSHES over to see how they are doing.  We have noticed a lot of changes lately.  We also have been writing in these journals called "My Butterfly Observations".  We write about the life cycle 1 or 2 days a week.  We noticed that they have been eating and there's a lot of poop in the container!  We have been doing a lot of work on butterfly journals.  Our larvae has gotten very big now.  Our caterpillars have been getting a lot of fuzz on them.  They are molting lots of skin.  We are hoping they will make their chrysalis soon - around June 1st.  Caterpillars are getting long.  The butterflies fly to Mexico and they find a lot of butterflies.  (We read about the migration of Monarch butterflies in a book today.  They fly south for the winter to warm places like Mexico).  Right now the caterpillars are shedding their skin.  Our class is doing a live stream of our butterflies.  It's a live stream in our blog and Miss Matsumoto set up a camera to watch the caterpillars.  (A live stream is a video that shows our caterpillars in REAL time.  We hope to watch them over the weekend a bit when we are away from school  We predicted that this weekend, some may go into their chrysalis.)  The caterpillars are almost in the chrysalis stage and they are fatter.  If they turn into their pupas, they try to put all of the body into the pupa and then they wait.  The chrysalis becomes transparent, then you can see them.  Then they can go outside and they make their wings so they can fly.  I have been noticing a lot of webby stuff in the containers.  And we think that is their skin shedding.  After this, you should check out our caterpillar video that we put on our blog too!

Written by EVERYONE in Room 163

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Butterfly Journals and Experience

Wednesday, May 21

Wednesday, May 21

Wednesday, May 21

Wednesday, May 21
Friday, May 23

Friday, May 23

Monday, May 26

Monday, May 26

Monday, May 26
On Wednesday, May 21st we got a package with larvae in it.  Larvae are lots of little, tiny caterpillars.  First they started out in a tiny egg.  And then they turned into the larva.  And they will turn into big caterpillars and then they will make a pupa and they will sleep for a bit and then when they wake up they will break through and they will become a butterfly!  - Sierra

Some caterpillars are eating nutrients.  Caterpillars eat leaves and nutrients.  Caterpillars eat a lot of them.  And the caterpillars are getting big.  Caterpillars are this size of caterpillars.  And they are going to be a butterfly soon.  If they eat a lot of nutrients or leaves. Caterpillars sleep in the pupa.  The caterpillar just sleep a while to be a butterfly.  And the caterpillar is shaking and it gets out and turns into a butterfly.  The caterpillar is in Mrs. Kochan's class on a plate.   - M.

On Wednesday, May 21st we got a package with larvae in it.  Larvae are the caterpillars when they just come out of their tiny eggs.  We got them because we are going to watch their life cycle.  When we first got them, they were REALLY tiny.  But now, they have fuzz on them and they are getting fatter and they are longer.  They are almost full grown caterpillars.  They are going to grow up to be Painted Lady Butterflies.  We are sharing our larvae with Mrs. Kochan's class.  When we got them, Miss Matsumoto, our teacher and Mrs. Kochan had to make a special food for them to eat.  It's called nutrient.  They put the nutrient in the little plastic cups and we put the larvae in them.  They had a lot of nutrient in the cups and now there isn't so much.  The larvae have ate a lot.  - Ella

On Wednesday, we got a package.  In the package was larvae.  Do you know why we have larvae?  Because we are watching their life cycles - how they hatch from their egg and then turn into butterflies.  But we didn't get to watch them hatch from their eggs, they came as larvae.  Our class and Mrs. Kochan's class are sharing the larvae so we can look at them everyday so we can see if they have grown bigger or longer.  Some of classmates can see that they have some fuzz on them.  They were small on Friday, but over the weekend they ate a lot and they grew bigger and longer.  The butterflies that they are going to grow into are Painted Lady Butterflies.  Everyday, our class and Mrs. Kochan's class goes to look at the little caterpillars to see if they have grown bigger.  We have journals to write what we have seen for the caterpillars.  Lots of the caterpillars are shedding their skin.  When they are full grown, they make their chrysalis.  When they make their chrysalis', they are going to make them on their lid.  Then we will take the lids off and put them in this tent thing for the butterflies.  We have over 30 larvae.  I think that's all you need to know for right now, bye! - Evva

On Wednesday, we got a package!  In the package there was larvae.  We got the larvae because we are learning about their life cycles.  We put the larvae in little cups and Miss Matsumoto and another teacher, Mrs. Kochan had to make some food called nutrients for them.  They used to be really small but now they are getting pretty big.  Soon they will be making a pupa.  A pupa is a chrysalis.  They are going to be sleeping in the chrysalis for a little while and when they are ready they are going to come out of the chrysalis and become butterflies.  The type of butterflies we are getting is Painted Ladies.  We also have some Butterfly Journals where we are writing about them.  When they become butterflies we are going to let them go outside.  Now we are going to be learning about some different life cycles.  - Stella  

I can't wait until our butterflies grow into Painted Lady Butterflies!!!  - Lexie

Last week we got larvae in a package.  Larvae is a little innsy binsy caterpillar, but it's not fully grown.  After we got our larvae we were studying about butterflies and also we are working on Butterfly JOURNALS!  We are writing in our butterfly journals about what they butterfly's life is like.  Today, we watched a butterfly video about life cycles.  It was moving pictures of a real butterfly and words that are below the picture.  - Lara

On Wednesday, we got a package of larvae.  And we were learning about them before we got the package.  Then now today we were learning about other animals, I thought that we were just learning about butterflies, but Miss Matsumoto said that we were learning about more than just butterflies.  In June, we will have groups of three and then we are going to learn about other animals.  We have to decide as a group what animal we are doing and we have to take turns. - Lara

We got some larvae.  They've been eating nonstop.  Sometimes they rest.  They got bigger.  Some are still small.  They are going to be Painted Lady Butterflies.  - Isabella 

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Best Field Trip the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach!!!!

The Blacksmith Shop

Heavy Harness Horses (HHH)

The Barn near the Petting Zoo

The Windmill

Welcome.  These are our pictures from our field trip to the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach.  It was really fun!  Some of us even got to buy candy from the candy store.  In Steinbach there was lots of little houses and other things.  There was even a petting zoo!  Group 2 went into the big red barn and we heard peeping, but we couldn't find the chicks.  On the wagon ride, it was really cool.  The horses were called heavy harness horses.  Steinbach is really cool.  In the windmill, it was really cool.  In the windmill, they make flour.  When we went on the wagon ride, the guy showed us lots of things that the horses can do.  When we were up in the windmill, the man pushed the windmill so that it would go.  It actually worked!!  It was really exciting to go to Steinbach for our field trip.   - Evva

We went to Steinbach and we see everything in Steinbach.  And we went to the blacksmith and the mud house and a horse ride and we have lunch and we went to the windmill.  In the mud house, he tell us a story and the mud house was old.  They used it in the winter.  We like Steinbach and we went to gym after the field trip, but we used the bus to go back from the field trip.  P.S. We have  a great field trip. From yesterday in Steinbach.- M.

Yesterday, we went to Steinbach for a field trip.  It was AWESOME!  We went inside a real windmill.  And it was cool because the miller showed us how you would make flour in the windmill.  We went on a wagon ride and while we were waiting for the other group to get back, we were watching chickens at the barn.  And I saw two lambs and a baby cow in the back.  And then we had lunch.  After lunch, my group went to the blacksmith's and we made little metal rings out of nails.  It was REALLY cool.  Then after that all the groups got free time and my group went into the General Store and bought candy.  Well, some of us bought candy with our own money, but for the people who didn't bring money, our teacher bought us some gummy bears. - Ella

Yesterday, we went to Steinbach.  We were really tired and we needed to walk very far away.  In Group 4, we went to the Blacksmith first.  We made metal rings and we even made our own rings.  The man taught us how to make the rings and he made lots of horse shoes, we even found many horse shoes nailed to the ceiling.  There was a fire there.  He used the fire and a metal thing and he was firing the metal so it easy to bend it into a horse shoe.  When we were done going to the blacksmith, we went to the mud house.  They showed us all of the things they do in the mud house and told us a story about the pioneers.  When we were waiting for the other group for the wagon ride, we went to the petting zoo.  When they were done it was our turn.  We talked all about the things they do with the horses.  Then after that we had extra time in the wagon ride because we were the last ones in the wagon ride.  Because it was lunch time, we were dropped off by the wagon by village centre.  When we were passing by, there was a lady standing there which was really scary.  It was a statue.  - Lara

Yesterday, our class and two other classes went on a field trip to Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach.  It was REALLY fun.  They told us what it was like a long time ago and what they had to do a long time ago and what they could play with a long time ago.  First Group 2 made little rag dolls.  Then we drew faces on them.  The boys got little black round things for hats and girls got lace for bonnets.  Then Group 2 went on a wagon ride.  The man told us about the horses.  The horses are called HHH, short for heavy harness horses.  Then we got in the wagon and we went on a wagon ride.  After that, we went to the blacksmith.  There we saw a guy making a rose out of metal.  Then we made rings.  We had to hammer one side into an oval and also the other side.  Then we lifted it up and we had a ring.  Then we had lunch.  I tripped and I fell and I got a bad scab on my knee.  Oh no!   Then Group 2 went to a place called Semlin.  That's a mud house.  We went inside and a long time ago that used to be a house.  The guy inside of it showed us around and then he read us a story called "Sush".  It was about a girl who moved to Canada that was the only house.  Then we had some free time, and then we went to the petting zoo and the General Store.  Our entire Group 2 got candy.  Then we went back to school.  - Stella

Yesterday we went to the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach.  We went with two other classes, Miss Hogue and Mrs. Kochan's, but Mrs. Kochan didn't come because she got hit in the head with Frisbee and she broke her nose bone.  And we went there on a bus.  In Steinbach, we went to the village centre to put our backpacks down and then we went to different places.  First we went to the Blacksmith.  We made rings.  It was really hard for some of us to make rings, but it wasn't hard for me - it was easy.  Next we went to the mud house.  There was a guy and he asked us some questions.  And when we went inside, I was thinking that I wouldn't want to live in there!  He told us a story inside.  After we went to make dolls.  First we were supposed to have this rag and then we put a cotton ball near the top in the middle and the we grabbed the corners and pulled it over the cotton ball until we couldn't see it.  Then you need a partner and you are supposed to hold the cotton ball.  Shayla was my partner and she helped me try to tie a knot.  She need a bit of help.  So then we were supposed to tie knots from the two corners and when I lifted mine up, mine looked like an angel.  And I did the knots all by myself.  And then we went on our wagon be continued...-Lexie

Yesterday was our field trip day.  We went to the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach.  I was in Group 3 with Ella and Skylar and other people.  We were at our first stop, the mud house.  We went inside and then we didn't see any mud as walls.  But I looked at the corner top and there was a bit of mud.  After we explored the mud house, a guy read us a story.  It was called Sush.  After he read the story, we went to make dolls.  -Lara

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wellness Day, Pizza Lunch and More!

Yesterday it was Wellness Day.  And I am going to Brandon because it's Thursday and I am going to visit Thomas.  And then it's no school tomorrow.  We play freeze tag in Gym.  We have pizza for lunch.  They have pizza lunch and the bake sale.  My dad and my brothers are going to Brandon after school.  We go to bowling and I got a score and a split.  - M.

It was Wellness Day yesterday.  I went to Face Painting and Fudge making.  Also yesterday they told they people who were making fudge they would get their fudge tomorrow, but then we got it today because today is tomorrow from yesterday.  It's no school tomorrow, YAY!  We are working on a blog journal entry which we need our journals on KidBlog.  Me and Lexie are working on the Valentine's Fairy.  It's about a bad fairy who curses Valentine's.  Uh oh!  We are also working on Starry Night pictures.  I am on my answer thing-a-ma-jig.  - Lara

Today some of us had pizza because today was Pizza Lunch.  Yesterday was Wellness Day.  I picked Bowling, Fudge making and face painting.  I got to go Bowling.   It was GLOW BOWLING!  - Ella

Yesterday we went bowling.  We went to a very far place and we went bowling there.  It was glow bowling.  We dyed eggs yesterday too.  So we had a lot of fun things when we did lots of things in the morning and then in the afternoon.  Many people went to the bowling.  We went to a bus and we  went to a seat.  Three people were allowed to sit in one chair.  There was just 1 student behind our seat and 2 teachers in the other seat.  If we were noisy and getting up and making poor choices, we have to sit with the lovely teachers.  We watched Despicable Me, Jimmy Neutron and Ice Age.  After we had a snack.  We had cheesies, popcorn and Sun Chips. - Lara

Yesterday was Wellness Day and it was REALLY FUN!  Tonight is Family Fun Night and I think that lots of people are going.  For Wellness Day a lot of people went bowling and we had to take a bus to the bowling alley.  Bowling was glow in the dark bowling.  Some people's clothing lit up.  It was really cool!  Bowling is really fun.  In the computer lab, we are doing journal entries on our KidBlogs.  I am only half-way done on mine.  School is really fun, don't you think? - Evva

Me and Lara are making adventure books.  We are making a very special book and I am going to give you a sneak peak.  It's something to do with snow...  Let's carry on.  These are all the books we have made so far: Adventures, The Lost Puppy, Fairy Dust, The Best Christmas Ever and we're working on The Valentine's Fairy.  The other two books that are before the Valentine's Fairy are called: Lara Lost Her Shoe and Stuck in a Comic.  Stuck in a Comic is where the whole book is a comic - I'm hoping we get there soon.  And there is one more book surprise, but we haven't made it yet.  But we are still going to do the series.  - Lexie

Yesterday I went bowling for Wellness Day.  It was so much fun!  In school, after bowling we got to watch a movie and have a snack.  The snack were really yummy.   - Isabella

Yesterday was Wellness Day in our school.  All the students and the teachers were able to participate in different activities for Wellness Day.  I helped other teachers take 60 students from Grade 1 and 2 BOWLING!  I even got to bowl, which was very fun.  I think that everyone had a great day.  We have been working on adding more to our personal KidBlogs.  We are working on adding pictures to our blogs.  It is taking a bit of time, but I know that it will be GREAT! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Math Month and More...

At school in the morning, we've been doing math story problems.  And in the afternoon.  - Isabella

In school we've been doing math story problems.  And in the afternoons, we solve them.  School is a lot of fun.  We learn stuff and right now we are learning about measurement.  On Friday, it was Ella's birthday.  Ella's birthday was a lot of fun. Grade 1s and 2s do different math story problems.  Grade 2s do all of them and grade 1s do only some of them.  With math story problems, we can learn a lot.  They are really fun to do.  What do you like to do at school? - Evva

I can't wait til Easter!  Easter is on Monday.  I'm SO EXCITED!  In school in the morning we are doing math story problems.  Math story problems are when Miss Matsumoto types up problems and we write them down in our math journals.  In the afternoon, we solve them. - Sierra

We do math work stations and math problems in the afternoon.  And we solve the problem.  We just do KidBlog and we are doing our math journals.  We had to do KidBlog using our journal.  We will do our math journals in the morning and we have a good time in the morning with our math journals.  - M.

It is starting to feel like Spring FINALLY!  The snow melted a lot.  At recess I saw a lot of grass.  This month we are doing lots of math story problems because April is Math Month.  - Ella

Last week we were measuring stuff.  We were all in different little groups and we had to measure the same things.  Before we measured them, we had to write down our estimate for how many counters would be equal to the things we measured.  Then we would put in our estimate and see if it was equal to the thing we were measuring.  If it was not equal, we might have to take some out or put some more in.  We were using counters that look like beans to measure.  In the morning, we are doing math story problems.  We are writing them down in our math journals.  Some of us don't have any paper in our math journals, so we had to get some more journals.  The grade 1s get to do two and the grade 2s get to do three.   - Stella

It is almost Easter!  And it is almost Wellness Day too.  Wellness Day is when we get to pick our stations and then when it's Wellness Day we get to go to the stations.  Some of us may have the stations we picked, and some of us won't.  Now I am talking about Easter again because my teacher, she said maybe next week on Tuesday we could decorate eggs.  And there is also a sad part this week, because our teacher is going to be away for two days!  Also it is Good Friday this week.  We are also doing Math Story Problems because it is Math Month.  Also we are measuring things.  Things that we are measuring are cards, an eraser, a spoon, a baseball, a red ball and a jar and I think that's it.  - Lara

Me and Lara are making a book called the Valentine's Fairy.  We are going to make a good fairy and a bad fairy.  The bad fairy is trying to make the good fairy bad with her.  In the computer lab today we picked a journal entry from our journal and we wrote it down on our KidBlog.  In my journal I am making a chapter book.  The chapter book is called, The Adventures of Lara and Lexie.  They go on tons of adventures. On the first page, Lara runs out of milk!  I can't wait until I am done The Adventures of Lara and Lexie.  Also, about the Valentine's Fairy, we are making other books and the other books are called: Lara Lost Her Shoe and Stuck in a Comic. - Lexie

During Spring Break, I didn't get to do a lot of things that I wanted to do.  Because we needed to clean the house every day.  On Wednesday, I just went to the dentist.  On Friday, we went to my Tita's house.  - Lara

I can't believe that it's going to be Spring.  December is too cold because it gets too cold and it's going to be a blizzard.  Happy Spring! - Skylar

Monday, April 7, 2014

The first day of Spring?

From March, just before Spring Break.

We have not posted anything on our class blog in far too long!  We have been very busy working on our personal blogs which are housed on KidBlog.  We have not posted anything here for OVER a MONTH!  We have a lot to share.  We had two very popular authors of the month.  These authors are VERY funny.  Hopefully someone will share who the authors were.  We are busy preparing for our Student-Led Conferences next week.  Pretty soon, it will be Spring does NOT look or feel like spring - especially TODAY!!!
- Miss Matsumoto

It is almost my birthday!  Next week on the 25th will be my birthday.  It is ALMOST Spring Break.  I can sleep in, but I like waking up early so I have more time to play for the day.  That's all.  - Lara

When we finish our quality comments, you press submit comments.  We will finish our KidBlog quality comments.  Our Kidblog has to be saved or if you are finished your KidBlog, you just press "Publish".  We finished our Winnipeg blog and we finished our Math story problems.  We just learned how to skip with the skipping rope. We did a chin-mill and we do the helicopter.  - M.

In a few weeks it's Spring Break.  I am very excited because I am going to Brandon.  - Stella

On Spring Break I will ride my bike.  I hope it's Spring and I hope it's not snowing on Spring Break.  - Skylar

We haven't done our class blog in a long time.  I hope there's no more snow before Spring Break.  I am really excited for Spring Break, but I have to go to daycare.  But sometimes daycare takes us on field trips and they are really fun.  A lot of times in the computer lab, we have been working on our KidBlog and our Storybirds.  We have been commenting on people's KidBlogs and replying to what other people have said on our comments.  Hopefully soon we can go outside with Spring jackets and there's no more snow, and we don't have to wear mittens, ski pants, scarves or boots, toques or jackets. - Evva

It's FINALLY SPRING.  It doesn't really feel like spring.  I can't wait until Spring Break so I don't always have to sleep early.  - Prince

It's the 2nd day of Spring, but none of us think it feels like that AT ALL!  There's still snow EVERYWHERE and today it WAS SNOWING!  Miss Matsumoto wanted one of us to say who our authors of the month were - it was Mo Willems and Melanie Watt.  All of us LOVE those books.  Because Mo Willems writes the Knuffle Bunny books and Elephant and Piggie books.  And Melanie Watt writes the Scaredy Squirrel and Chester books.  I am excited for Spring Break too because then I get to SLEEP in.  But sometimes I don't like to sleep in... I like to get up early and bug my parents who like to sleep in.  And when I get up I do cartwheels and sommersaults and then my sister gets up and tells me to BE QUIET!  - Ella
I realize that we have been absent from our classroom blog lately, but I still have been taking pictures of what we have been up to.  So finally I am posting some the pictures of what has been happening in Room 163.  I will work harder to ensure that we will be posting, hopefully on a weekly basis!

Celebrating 100 Day with CRAZY HATS!

Reader's Theatre in Reading Groups
Amazing Trees of Winter Watercolour Artwork

Special Guests

Watching the OLYMPICS!

More Reader's Theatre

Learning about the '=' Sign 
Graphing on St. Patrick's Day with Lucky Charms

Reader's Theatre with costumes

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Introducing our KIDBLOGS and excitement for Valentine's Day

Our class is FINALLY starting our Kidblogs this week!  I am very excited to see what everyone's first post will be.  This week we talked about how to make a quality comment.  We need to know how to do this because we can make comments on each other's Storybirds AND on our Kidblog posts.  We watched a video that was made by a grade 3 class in California.  We are also following the Olympics.  I personally LOVE watching the Olympics and probably spend too much time watching TV because of this.  Oh well, I'm glad they only happen every four years!  Also, we are celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday.  I think that the people in our classroom are pretty excited for it.  I personally am pretty excited for 100 day which is coming up next week! - Miss Matsumoto

I'm excited for Valentine's Day.  I LOVE Valentine's Day.  We are going to celebrate Valentine's Day at school.  - Isabella

Valentine's Day is on Friday and we have Gym this week.  We will play Gym after recess.  We will have recess after Math.  We will play recess indoors.  We will celebrate Valentine's Day at school.  We need to just do our KidBlog.  I finished my Storybird because I finished.  I'm glad we do our KidBlog. - M.

Valentine's Day is a special day that we thank our class.  - A.

Valentine's Day is ALMOST COMING!  Can you believe it?  Valentine's Day is so fun because we get to celebrate it in our class.  We get lots of candy and get to share our love all around the world.  And it's almost 100 Day for our class.  On 100 Day we have Early Dismissal.  I can't wait until it's Saturday because we have no school.  We are doing KidBlog and are doing a Like and Good At t-chart in our journals like our Survival Guides.  - Lara

Valentine's Day is almost here.  We are having a party on Friday because on Friday it is Valentine's Day.  We might have two parties because 100 Day is almost here for us.  Miss Matsumoto has told us about KidBlog.  I am excited because I can't wait to use KidBlog.  KidBlog is where you can write your own blog and I can't wait to write comments on blogs and on Storybird.  I am done my Storybird book, but it is not published yet.  I cannot wait until Valentine's Day, can you? - Evva

I can't believe that Valentine's is coming soon.  On Friday!  And 100 Day!  We have science.  - Skylar

It is almost 100 Day and the whole school is celebrating it.  Soon it is also Valentine's Day and we are going to have  a party for that too.  We are going to get lots of candy and I am going to make cards for the whole class.  - Ella

only 3 more days valentines day

can't  you beleve that is almost valentines day . there is 3 mroe days. today is day 2 and we have gym after recess.we have blog  and we just stared dailey five. NO school on  17. it's almost 100 day. did anyone remember to were red. did you whach the olipics i did . canada has been working out so good in the olipics .did you remember to were red ...  today we are going to do  recssess indores

By Isabella and A.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The ending of January...

Wow!  January has flown by!!  I cannot believe that tomorrow is the very last day of the month.  We have been tracking the weather on a weather graph and unfortunately most of January has been cold, windy and cloudy.  We are hoping for better for February.  In fact, we will be checking to see if the groundhog sees a shadow on the weekend.  In order to help our class and others cope with this extreme weather, we have written our own survival guides for winter.

- Miss Matsumoto

Today is Day 6, Thursday, January 30th, 2014.  We just started writing back to our pen pals from University.  No one is done yet.  Also, we have Library. - A.

I can't believe January is ALMOST OVER!!!  Can you believe it?  We have been working on survival guides, but first we put a T-chart in our journals of like and dislike.  We are writing letters to our pen pals.  Every time they write a letter, we write back.  Ummm... - Lara

We sent our Flat stories and our Flat characters to our university pen pals.  They took pictures of our flat characters at the university.  Their school is HUGE!  In their school they have a Tim Hortons and a museum!  And they wrote notes to us and now we are writing notes back to them.  We are hoping that they can make Flat stories and characters like we did and we can take pictures  at our school.  And then we can write them a note.  We also have pen pals in Thailand.  It's fun having pen pals.  In our school, the grade eights are selling candy grams for Valentine's.  A candy gram is a lollipop that you can give to whoever you want for a little present.  To buy one, you only need to give the grade eights 25 cents.  - Ella

I can't believe it.  It's almost the end of the month of January!  After the weekend it will be Groundhog Day.  The ground hog will pop out and see its shadow!  Then after Ground Hog's Day it will be Valentine's Day.   - Skylar

It is almost Groundhog Day.  That is when it is Jonavyn's birthday.  It is probably very exciting for Jonavyn.  We are very excited because it is almost the end of January.  We have been writing letters to our University pen pals.  They have written letters back to us.  We have pen pals in Thailand too.  It is fun having lots of pen pals.  We wrote Flat stories and drew Flat characters.  We are hoping they can make their own flat stories and flat characters.  We wrote a class letter not too long ago to our university pen pals.  We haven't been writing letters to our Thailand pen pals, but I am hoping we can soon. - Evva

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Skype and Pen Pal Letters

We have had a very exciting few weeks.  Last week our class had a special visitor on Friday.  This visitor was the author of the Howard B. Wigglebottom books, Howard Binkow.  He couldn't actually come to our classroom because he lives in Florida, but he visited our classroom using Skype!  We were able to see and speak with him.  He read us 2 of his books and showed us the new TV he is hoping to put on TV soon!  We really enjoyed his visit and hope to Skype with others soon!  We also received our pen pal letters from our University pen pals.  They took our Flat Characters all around the university and sent us pictures of them!  Also, some people in our class are working on making groups of ten with leftovers. - Miss Matsumoto

This week has been exciting for us.  A long time ago we wrote our Flat stories and drew Flat Characters.  We sent them to our university pen pals.  They took them around their university.  Our whole class sent them a note saying we would like them to write their own flat stories and draw their own flat characters.  We have some pen pals in Thailand.  They want to know more about snow, because they don't have snow in Thailand.  They want us to tell them more about snow, so we did.   - Evva

Yesterday we do Library.  We took books out.  Then we bring books to the library.  I took out Elephant and Piggie.  It is a funny book.  We will do our art today after Agendas and after recess. - M.

We are making snow globes.  I brought a bear from Madagascar on a really little tricycle.  Our pen pals gave their letters to us because we made them Flat stories and they took pictures all around the university so we could see what it looked like.  In my letter it said my flat character snuck into the cookie case.  I like my letter and I can't wait for my next letter! - Lara

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Great far...

Today we have early dismissal and we had indoor recess.  We did some writing.  I am going to read a chapter book. - Skylar

We are going to send our Flat stories and Flat Characters to our pen pals in University.  We are hoping they will write their own flat stories and make their own flat characters.  This morning we wrote a note to our pen pals in University.  - Evva

We wrote to our university pen pals and I hope you try making flat characters.  We will try our best for our university pen pals and then we will try to write to our university pen pals when we have their flat characters.  - M.

Today we had Wednesday Writing, but only some of us did it.  Also, we have been reading Howard B. Wigglebottom books.  Also, we just started our blog.  Almost everybody has brought a jar.  - A.

In our class, everybody has to bring a jar for an art thing we are doing.  We are going to send our Flat Characters to our university pen pals and we are hoping they can take a picture with them at their school so we can see what their school looks like.  We are hoping they will make their own flat stories and their own Flat Characters.  Our class has been reading Howard B. Wigglebottom books and we really like those books.  They are about a bunny who learns how to make good choices.  We are reading them so we know how to make some better choices.  We are also reading them because we are going to be Skyping with the author Howard Binkow.    - Ella

We wrote letters to Thailand.  We were reading Howard B. Wigglebottom books to learn to make better choices.   - Sierra

We wrote letters to Thailand.  Also we made flat characters and flat stories.  We also have been writing letters to our university pen pals.  They are going to write flat stories and flat characters too.  I am going to bring a jar, but not yet, I didn't bring a jar yet.  We have also been doing animal research.  We are reading Howard B. Wigglebottom books because we are Skyping with the author soon.  - Lara

Our class has been busy, as always.  We have an exciting visit happening on Friday morning in our classroom.  We are going to be having a classroom visit via Skype with the author of the Howard B. Wigglebottom books, Howard Binkow.  Hopefully we can ask him some questions about his books.  In math, the grade 1s are learning how to add and subtract.  The grade 2s are learning about place value and are bundling groups of ten.  We have started back to using Math Work Stations and soon I will have to add some different ones.  Tomorrow is a special day in our classroom.  There might be a surprise......Stay tuned!!! - Miss Matsumoto

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Letters to Thailand

We are writing letters to our pen pals in Thailand.  We've done it a couple times and we are looking forward to continuing it.  My goal for this year is to get better at writing.   - Evva

We have gym and then I hope we will go to gym in the afternoon.  And then we have to do writing sentences at school or two sentences when we do our journal.  Yesterday I was home at lunch.  - M.

Yesterday we read our letters from the kids in Thailand.  We are writing letters back to them.  We started our letters to them.  There are only a couple of kids in the Thailand class so they had to write to two or three people in our class. - Ella

Today is the 8th of January.  We need to work on our Thailand letters until it's Friday.   - A.

We need to work on our Thailand letters.  We don't have many days left until we send them to Thailand.   - Lexie

We have been working on our pen pal letters.  That class only has six people so all of us have to pair up for our pen pals.  We also started a new chapter book called Ivy and Bean.  The chapters are really short and it's a short book too.   - Stella

We've been working on our Thailand letters and it is A LOT OF WORK!  We are working on raising our hands instead of speaking outloud.  We haven't had outdoor recess in a lot of days.  I wish we would have outdoor recess tomorrow.  I want to get outside and breathe with the fresh air. - Lara


Monday, January 6, 2014

The Beginning of January 2014

Today is January 6th, 2014.  It is the start of a new year.  Even though it is a new year, we are still in the same school year and are going to keep working hard in Grade 1 and 2 in Room 163.  In fact, we haven't even celebrated 100 days of school yet!  We all just finished having a break from school and are back at school.  I have lots of wonderful things that I was thinking about during the winter break.  I hope that we can do some Skype sessions, and keep working on becoming better readers and writers. 
My goal for this year is to work hard with all of my students so that I can be the best teacher they have.

-Miss Matsumoto

This year we have started 2014.  I wonder if everybody had a good Christmas.  For Christmas I got just what I wanted, Lego Marvel Superheros for the WiiU.  My goal is to get better at hockey. - Kale

We started a new year, 2014.  We just got back to school from winter break.  We started a little bit of our monster project, but we still need to work on lots more parts.  On my break, for Christmas I got just what I wanted.  I got an iPod and an iPad mini, and a sewing machine.  Me and my mom made a Hello Kitty purse for my iPod, but I use it for my wallet.  My goal is to get better at reading. - Evva

Today we had Learning Buddies, and it was awesome.  There is only 11 people in our class today.  It is a new year.  My goal is to get better at using expression. - Ella

We just got back from winter break.  I got a karaoke machine for Christmas.  On New Year's I went to my friend Tanaye's house and my friend Ella came with me.  We stayed up until midnight!  We had a chocolate fondue!  We did the countdown until New Years!  My goal is to get better at writing because sometimes I write messy. - Stella

My goal is to get better at writing. - Lara

I love the things we did in 2013.  It's mostly the beginning of 2014, but unfortunately its the 6th of January.  My goal is to get better at my voice because I am a little too loud. - A.

Yesterday I went to my cousin's, but I didn't go to her house, I went to her karate place for her birthday party.  We had so much fun.  There were balloons everywhere!  A few balloons got popped.  And there was also this thing that comes from the ceiling and you punch it and kick it.  After we were done, my cousin cut the cake.  She didn't use a knife, she used a sword!  There is this guy named Andrew who helped her.  My goal is to use exclamation marks in books. - Lexie

At Christmas I got HotWheels.  They had different tires.  And I got two wall tracks!  At Christmas I got a 3D DS and I test it with a Lego game.  My goal is to work on shovelling the driveway. - Skylar

My goal is to work on my voice level.  - Jonavyn

My goal is to use my tablet. - T.

After we take our tree down, me, my dad and my sister are going to have a battle with our Nerf guns, Nerf crossbow, Nerf bow and arrow and big Nerf gun.  My goal is to get better at drawing. - Sierra


The last weeks of 2013 in Room 163

On Wednesday, December 18th, we are making cookies.  It is going to be so much fun.  We are making gingerbreads.  I hope they are going to taste sweet. It's Christmas next week!!  I am so excited!!!  And I wonder what I'll have as a present?  We are making bags and having treats inside them. - Lara

I can't wait until Christmas because I like Christmas.  On Friday it's the last day of class.  I'm so sad.  And it's pajama day on Friday and hot dog day and bake sale! - Prince

On Friday, Miss Matsumoto is going to make pancakes for the whole class!  And we have early dismissal.  On Friday we are going to wear pajamas because it is pajama day.  - Ella

We have music and will go to music after blog. - M.

The past few weeks we have been doing animal research.  These are the animals we have been researching: reptiles, mammals, birds, spiders and insects and amphibians.  We're still working on our insects and spiders.  Some people are done and some people are still working on them now.   - Stella