Thursday, January 30, 2014

The ending of January...

Wow!  January has flown by!!  I cannot believe that tomorrow is the very last day of the month.  We have been tracking the weather on a weather graph and unfortunately most of January has been cold, windy and cloudy.  We are hoping for better for February.  In fact, we will be checking to see if the groundhog sees a shadow on the weekend.  In order to help our class and others cope with this extreme weather, we have written our own survival guides for winter.

- Miss Matsumoto

Today is Day 6, Thursday, January 30th, 2014.  We just started writing back to our pen pals from University.  No one is done yet.  Also, we have Library. - A.

I can't believe January is ALMOST OVER!!!  Can you believe it?  We have been working on survival guides, but first we put a T-chart in our journals of like and dislike.  We are writing letters to our pen pals.  Every time they write a letter, we write back.  Ummm... - Lara

We sent our Flat stories and our Flat characters to our university pen pals.  They took pictures of our flat characters at the university.  Their school is HUGE!  In their school they have a Tim Hortons and a museum!  And they wrote notes to us and now we are writing notes back to them.  We are hoping that they can make Flat stories and characters like we did and we can take pictures  at our school.  And then we can write them a note.  We also have pen pals in Thailand.  It's fun having pen pals.  In our school, the grade eights are selling candy grams for Valentine's.  A candy gram is a lollipop that you can give to whoever you want for a little present.  To buy one, you only need to give the grade eights 25 cents.  - Ella

I can't believe it.  It's almost the end of the month of January!  After the weekend it will be Groundhog Day.  The ground hog will pop out and see its shadow!  Then after Ground Hog's Day it will be Valentine's Day.   - Skylar

It is almost Groundhog Day.  That is when it is Jonavyn's birthday.  It is probably very exciting for Jonavyn.  We are very excited because it is almost the end of January.  We have been writing letters to our University pen pals.  They have written letters back to us.  We have pen pals in Thailand too.  It is fun having lots of pen pals.  We wrote Flat stories and drew Flat characters.  We are hoping they can make their own flat stories and flat characters.  We wrote a class letter not too long ago to our university pen pals.  We haven't been writing letters to our Thailand pen pals, but I am hoping we can soon. - Evva

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Skype and Pen Pal Letters

We have had a very exciting few weeks.  Last week our class had a special visitor on Friday.  This visitor was the author of the Howard B. Wigglebottom books, Howard Binkow.  He couldn't actually come to our classroom because he lives in Florida, but he visited our classroom using Skype!  We were able to see and speak with him.  He read us 2 of his books and showed us the new TV he is hoping to put on TV soon!  We really enjoyed his visit and hope to Skype with others soon!  We also received our pen pal letters from our University pen pals.  They took our Flat Characters all around the university and sent us pictures of them!  Also, some people in our class are working on making groups of ten with leftovers. - Miss Matsumoto

This week has been exciting for us.  A long time ago we wrote our Flat stories and drew Flat Characters.  We sent them to our university pen pals.  They took them around their university.  Our whole class sent them a note saying we would like them to write their own flat stories and draw their own flat characters.  We have some pen pals in Thailand.  They want to know more about snow, because they don't have snow in Thailand.  They want us to tell them more about snow, so we did.   - Evva

Yesterday we do Library.  We took books out.  Then we bring books to the library.  I took out Elephant and Piggie.  It is a funny book.  We will do our art today after Agendas and after recess. - M.

We are making snow globes.  I brought a bear from Madagascar on a really little tricycle.  Our pen pals gave their letters to us because we made them Flat stories and they took pictures all around the university so we could see what it looked like.  In my letter it said my flat character snuck into the cookie case.  I like my letter and I can't wait for my next letter! - Lara

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Great far...

Today we have early dismissal and we had indoor recess.  We did some writing.  I am going to read a chapter book. - Skylar

We are going to send our Flat stories and Flat Characters to our pen pals in University.  We are hoping they will write their own flat stories and make their own flat characters.  This morning we wrote a note to our pen pals in University.  - Evva

We wrote to our university pen pals and I hope you try making flat characters.  We will try our best for our university pen pals and then we will try to write to our university pen pals when we have their flat characters.  - M.

Today we had Wednesday Writing, but only some of us did it.  Also, we have been reading Howard B. Wigglebottom books.  Also, we just started our blog.  Almost everybody has brought a jar.  - A.

In our class, everybody has to bring a jar for an art thing we are doing.  We are going to send our Flat Characters to our university pen pals and we are hoping they can take a picture with them at their school so we can see what their school looks like.  We are hoping they will make their own flat stories and their own Flat Characters.  Our class has been reading Howard B. Wigglebottom books and we really like those books.  They are about a bunny who learns how to make good choices.  We are reading them so we know how to make some better choices.  We are also reading them because we are going to be Skyping with the author Howard Binkow.    - Ella

We wrote letters to Thailand.  We were reading Howard B. Wigglebottom books to learn to make better choices.   - Sierra

We wrote letters to Thailand.  Also we made flat characters and flat stories.  We also have been writing letters to our university pen pals.  They are going to write flat stories and flat characters too.  I am going to bring a jar, but not yet, I didn't bring a jar yet.  We have also been doing animal research.  We are reading Howard B. Wigglebottom books because we are Skyping with the author soon.  - Lara

Our class has been busy, as always.  We have an exciting visit happening on Friday morning in our classroom.  We are going to be having a classroom visit via Skype with the author of the Howard B. Wigglebottom books, Howard Binkow.  Hopefully we can ask him some questions about his books.  In math, the grade 1s are learning how to add and subtract.  The grade 2s are learning about place value and are bundling groups of ten.  We have started back to using Math Work Stations and soon I will have to add some different ones.  Tomorrow is a special day in our classroom.  There might be a surprise......Stay tuned!!! - Miss Matsumoto

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Letters to Thailand

We are writing letters to our pen pals in Thailand.  We've done it a couple times and we are looking forward to continuing it.  My goal for this year is to get better at writing.   - Evva

We have gym and then I hope we will go to gym in the afternoon.  And then we have to do writing sentences at school or two sentences when we do our journal.  Yesterday I was home at lunch.  - M.

Yesterday we read our letters from the kids in Thailand.  We are writing letters back to them.  We started our letters to them.  There are only a couple of kids in the Thailand class so they had to write to two or three people in our class. - Ella

Today is the 8th of January.  We need to work on our Thailand letters until it's Friday.   - A.

We need to work on our Thailand letters.  We don't have many days left until we send them to Thailand.   - Lexie

We have been working on our pen pal letters.  That class only has six people so all of us have to pair up for our pen pals.  We also started a new chapter book called Ivy and Bean.  The chapters are really short and it's a short book too.   - Stella

We've been working on our Thailand letters and it is A LOT OF WORK!  We are working on raising our hands instead of speaking outloud.  We haven't had outdoor recess in a lot of days.  I wish we would have outdoor recess tomorrow.  I want to get outside and breathe with the fresh air. - Lara


Monday, January 6, 2014

The Beginning of January 2014

Today is January 6th, 2014.  It is the start of a new year.  Even though it is a new year, we are still in the same school year and are going to keep working hard in Grade 1 and 2 in Room 163.  In fact, we haven't even celebrated 100 days of school yet!  We all just finished having a break from school and are back at school.  I have lots of wonderful things that I was thinking about during the winter break.  I hope that we can do some Skype sessions, and keep working on becoming better readers and writers. 
My goal for this year is to work hard with all of my students so that I can be the best teacher they have.

-Miss Matsumoto

This year we have started 2014.  I wonder if everybody had a good Christmas.  For Christmas I got just what I wanted, Lego Marvel Superheros for the WiiU.  My goal is to get better at hockey. - Kale

We started a new year, 2014.  We just got back to school from winter break.  We started a little bit of our monster project, but we still need to work on lots more parts.  On my break, for Christmas I got just what I wanted.  I got an iPod and an iPad mini, and a sewing machine.  Me and my mom made a Hello Kitty purse for my iPod, but I use it for my wallet.  My goal is to get better at reading. - Evva

Today we had Learning Buddies, and it was awesome.  There is only 11 people in our class today.  It is a new year.  My goal is to get better at using expression. - Ella

We just got back from winter break.  I got a karaoke machine for Christmas.  On New Year's I went to my friend Tanaye's house and my friend Ella came with me.  We stayed up until midnight!  We had a chocolate fondue!  We did the countdown until New Years!  My goal is to get better at writing because sometimes I write messy. - Stella

My goal is to get better at writing. - Lara

I love the things we did in 2013.  It's mostly the beginning of 2014, but unfortunately its the 6th of January.  My goal is to get better at my voice because I am a little too loud. - A.

Yesterday I went to my cousin's, but I didn't go to her house, I went to her karate place for her birthday party.  We had so much fun.  There were balloons everywhere!  A few balloons got popped.  And there was also this thing that comes from the ceiling and you punch it and kick it.  After we were done, my cousin cut the cake.  She didn't use a knife, she used a sword!  There is this guy named Andrew who helped her.  My goal is to use exclamation marks in books. - Lexie

At Christmas I got HotWheels.  They had different tires.  And I got two wall tracks!  At Christmas I got a 3D DS and I test it with a Lego game.  My goal is to work on shovelling the driveway. - Skylar

My goal is to work on my voice level.  - Jonavyn

My goal is to use my tablet. - T.

After we take our tree down, me, my dad and my sister are going to have a battle with our Nerf guns, Nerf crossbow, Nerf bow and arrow and big Nerf gun.  My goal is to get better at drawing. - Sierra


The last weeks of 2013 in Room 163

On Wednesday, December 18th, we are making cookies.  It is going to be so much fun.  We are making gingerbreads.  I hope they are going to taste sweet. It's Christmas next week!!  I am so excited!!!  And I wonder what I'll have as a present?  We are making bags and having treats inside them. - Lara

I can't wait until Christmas because I like Christmas.  On Friday it's the last day of class.  I'm so sad.  And it's pajama day on Friday and hot dog day and bake sale! - Prince

On Friday, Miss Matsumoto is going to make pancakes for the whole class!  And we have early dismissal.  On Friday we are going to wear pajamas because it is pajama day.  - Ella

We have music and will go to music after blog. - M.

The past few weeks we have been doing animal research.  These are the animals we have been researching: reptiles, mammals, birds, spiders and insects and amphibians.  We're still working on our insects and spiders.  Some people are done and some people are still working on them now.   - Stella