Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's a Whole New Year

We have been not very good at remembering to do our blog...  I made it my New Year's resolution to make sure we post in our blog at LEAST 1 time per week for the rest of the school year.  Hopefully everyone in Room 163 can help me to remember to follow through on my resolution.  I will post all the photos from all of the times we did not write a blog post.  It is a BRAND new year - 2015 will be GREAT!  We have some exciting things planned for our classroom...
- Miss Matsumoto

Happy New Year!

Today we had an assembly and it was about the Playground Matrix and I got to see my mom.
- Lyric

Hi, I am Kendra.  Today we had an assembly.  Happy New Year in 2015!  We had a busy day.  Today we had a morning message and we had a good day.  It was AWESOME!!!!

It's a new year!!!!  On winter break, it felt like it was soo long.  Happy New Year!  Hopefully this year we can get lots of work done.  So far this year has been a lot of fun.  The assembly today wasn't as long as a normal assembly.  This year will be exciting!
- Evva

Happy New Year!  Today we had an assembly.  It wasn't really that long.  I hope we have a lot of work done.  We haven't made blog for a LONG time.  Happy New Year!

Hi, I'm sorry we didn't post anything until now.  Today we had an assembly.  It was about the Playground Matrix and a reminder about the Hallway Matrix.
- Devlin