Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is Miss Hrynyk.  She is learning to be a teacher. - Lexie

I like Miss Hrynyk. - Lara

Miss Hrynyk is great! - M.

She helps us with our work. - Kale

Miss Hrynyk helped us do Art today. - Stella

She comes to our school on Wednesdays only right now.  Soon she will be here more. - Skylar

She helps us. - Aiden

She is a fun teacher. - Ella

Miss Hrynyk is a student teacher. - Stella

She read Flat Stanley to us. - Tanaye

She read a story to me. - Ethan

She is a very lovely teacher that we know and is very, very, very helpful. - F.

She is a lovely teacher. - Hannah

Miss Hrynyk is our student teacher this year.  She will be teaching in our classroom the entire year!  Soon she will be coming to our classroom every day!!  We are very lucky to have her in our classroom. - Miss Matsumoto

I am very excited to be teaching in this class! - Miss Hrynyk

Monday, September 24, 2012

Kandinsky Inspired Artwork

Room 163's Kandinsky inspired concentric circle artwork

We had fun painting Kandinsky art. - Stella

We did our best! - Skylar

We looked at Kandinsky's artwork. - Enya

The circles were very colourful. - Ella

It is fun at school! - Isaiah

We went outside for gym. - Ethan

We painted second for our Kandinsky art. - Lara

We read for 13 minutes for Read to Self!! - Lexie

We had fun at school. - Aiden

We like making friends. - Kale

We like the pillows that Miss Matsumoto's mum Joyce sewed for our classroom. - Hannah

We went on the computer. - M.

Last week and the week before, our class was studying the abstract artwork of the famous Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky.  We were inspired to create some of our abstract art.  In the first picture you can see our first attempt using pencil crayons and crayons.  We each were responsible for completing two squares.  Last week, we each painted four squares inspired by Kandinsky's artwork.  We think that they look very much like Kandinsky's art and are quite proud of them! - Miss Matsumoto

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It is Friday - Our Second Blog!!

This is our second blog post as a class.

We like playing Hide and Seek outside. - Skylar

We eat our lunches at school, but today I went home for lunch.  - Hannah

We went to Gym today. - Aiden

We are going outside. - Ethan

We read for 9 minutes during Daily 5, Read to Self. - Stella

We have fun! - Tanaye

This week was our first full week of Grade 1.  It was a busy and productive week and we have continued to work hard.  We are building our stamina for reading during Read to Self in the Daily 5.  This week our class has also been following Ms. Nairn's Grade 2 class at Harold Hatcher and their class blog, Tales from Grade 2.  We were inspired by their Read to Self practice.  We also had our school guidance counselor, Mrs. Alexander visit our room.  She taught our class what to do if someone at school is bothering you using the Debug System.  I am looking forward to next week!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our First Blog!!

This is our very first blog post in Grade 1.

We use Agenda books in Grade 1. - L.

We are having a good time in Grade 1. - A.

I really, really, really like Gym!! - C.

I like warm-ups at Gym. - S.

We have recess outside. - I.

I like playing games at Gym. - E.

We have fun at recess. - E.

We love school! - L.

In our gym, we have new lights and a new floor. It looks great! - I.

We like making friends. - K.

We like to make cars. - S.

We like making new friends outside. - H.

We like reading books. - E.

We like doing Science and playing with each other. - F.

I think this year is going to be very exciting! - Miss Hrynyk

I am very happy to be working in this classroom. - Mrs. Diachun

We practiced Read to Self for 7 minutes this morning!! - Miss Matsumoto

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The last days of summer...

Oh my goodness! Summer is nearly over and school begins next week. Last week I sent all of my Grade 1 students a postcard in the mail. Who doesn't like getting mail? Hopefully some will have the chance to visit our class blog before school starts to answer my question!! P.S. Thanks to Ms. Nairn for the question suggestion!