Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All about our life

What we have been  doing this month well,we finished our Santa letters.What have you been doing?We have also been working on some reserch on reptiles mammals, and amphibians. We just had our winter concert.It was about Melton the warm hearted snowman.Also, there were lots of bake and craft sales. It has been so cold out side,we cant go out side! We have been doing lots of Christmas crafts. Did you know there are 12 more days until Christmas? We are making cookies next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

All about school

We all are exsited for christmas!!! We are studing animals. We are writing letters to Sata claus. We are doing daily 5 .We sometimes read goosebumps and other books. We have to finish our letters to santa today!!!. We fainaly finisht our picsso art and  our flat stories and flat chaters.Miss matsumoto is giving us books for christmas.

By Evva and Lara

Friday, December 6, 2013


We strted notes to santa and some are doing good copes.We did our consert and we are doing daily 5.  We do morning mesig  and some peoeple in our classroom are making books.
by M

We strted our monstr progect and we are  studeing anamils. We are worcking on wrting  and we are  worcking on reading.
by Evva

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Room 163s December

Please welcome our first guest authors Ella and Jonavyn.  Here is the blog that they were working on during the week:

It was the first day of December a cuple days ago.I put up my Christmas tree.At school we are going to do some Christmas crafts.Tomorrow is the Christmas Concert at school.We have bin working on the Christmas concert.Today is the christmas concert.

On saturday I was decerating my christmas tree with my brother.yesterday I was watching skydoesminecraft.And deadlox. I was watching them play parkour.of epic jump map of
vitlintimes a dision.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Introducing our Guest Blog Authors

Our class has decided to have guest blog authors for our blog.  And since we have been practicing and working hard at being writers, the guest blog authors are us!  Each week we will take turns writing on our class blog in partners.

We developed some criteria for expectations when working on the blog during Daily Five, as well as criteria for what we write about.  We have already started with our first two guest authors, Ella and Jonavyn.  Stay tuned for their post!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Our FLAT Characters...

Our class LOVES the Flat Stanley books!!  We love them so much that we decided to make flat versions of ourselves and write stories about how they became flat.  My character is called Miss Flatsumoto!  We will also take pictures of our flat characters and send them with our stories to our University pen pals.  We are currently working on our stories and hopefully can post some on our blog.

Stay tuned for more!
-Miss Matsumoto

I'm not done my flat character yet, but I will be soon. - Sierra

I'm not done my flat character.  I need to work on it and then I need to colour it before I cut it out. - Skylar

We are starting our flat character stories. A couple people aren't done their flat characters, but I am.  Now we are writing our stories about our characters and how we got flat. - Ella

Student-Led Conference Goal Storybird

Last week our class had our Student-Led Conferences. With our families, we shared something we were proud of and something we need to continue to work on in Grade 1 and 2. Each student used one page from the story creating website Storybird. . Here is our book. Please enjoy!

October and beyond...

In the month of October we carved pumpkins and had a Halloween parade.  We had Halloween gym and there was a maze thing. - Stella

We started our Monster Project with our Learning Buddies.  We started our writing in our portfolios. - Evva

We start our Egypt mask and we will finish our Egypt masks.  We will wash our gym shirts on Monday. - M.

We had gym before recess.  And then after lunch we had recess.  Then me and Aiden played in the Friendship room. - Skylar