Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cookies, cookies, cookies!

Finally on Friday, we made pumpkin cookies to see what pumpkin tasted like!  Many of us thought they were delicious!

Sink or Float?

We read a book where people were using a pumpkin as a boat.  We had a discussion about whether we think a pumpkin would actually sink or float.

We made a t-chart.  Many of  us thought it would float, although we did change our minds too!!


It was the week before Halloween....

It is the week before Halloween here in Kindergarten and we are very excited!  We have been doing some pumpkin investigations.

Here's what we want to know about pumpkins:

  • what do the insides look like
  • what do the seeds taste like
  • what does pumpkin taste like
  • do pumpkins sink or float

Pumpkin investigation

Opening up our pumpkins!


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