Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day....shhhhhhhhh

In the beginning of June, our class, along with the other grade 1 classrooms went on a field trip to Oak Hammock Marsh.  We had a beautiful day!

We have some secret Father's Day gifts that we have made.  Shhhhh!  We need to keep it a BIG secret until Sunday...Don't tell anyone!!
- Miss Matsumoto

It is so secret.  We went to Oak Hammock Marsh!  When we played, there was a little town and then there was a button outside the thing and then if you clicked the button it will pour water out of the cloud for a while.  It is a secret for the gifts and I am a spy. - Lara

We went to Oak Hammock Marsh.  It was awesome! We went critter dipping and hiking and we got to play around.  It was so so so so fun!! - Stella

We went to Oak Hammock Marsh.  There was a lot of bugs.  Good thing I had pants on or else I would get a mosquito bite.  And Kale got a water bug on his finger.  Kale dropped his net in the water and Kale had to get his net out of the water.  Somebody else dropped their net in the water and Kale had to get their net too. - Carter

That is true, I did get a bloodworm on my finger!  Aiden and me caught so many snails.  So many snails! - Kale

When we went to Oak Hammock Marsh I had a bug on my hands. - F.

When me and Isabella were Critter Dipping, we got a lot of bugs and we got a water tiger. - Hannah

When we went to Oak Hammock marsh, I got a fly on me and I flicked it off.  - Lexie

At Oak Hammock Marsh, we saw birds and animals and ground hogs.  - Charlie

When we went to Oak Hammock Marsh, there was a sand box.  It was wet sand.  My hands got sand on them.  - Isabella

I saw a tiny town.  I pushed down the button and it was a big city made of water and the sand got wet. - Skylar

We went to Oak Hammock Marsh.  When I was critter dipping with Carter we were moving spots and then our bucket spilled and there critters EVERYWHERE!  After we critter dipped, we got to look at them with a see through jar.  Me and Carter caught a snail.  It looked really weird!  There was some free time in a room there.  There was a lot of fun things, even a boat with some fake geese.  And there was even a little house that only had a kitchen and a computer table.  The table in the kitchen didn't have any chairs.  In the front of the doorway of the room, there were two geese with their wings wide open.  In the front entrance of Oak Hammock marsh, there was a pelican and geese with their wings wide open.  There was a display with dead animals in it and we played Eye Spy to find the animals.   - Tanaye

We ate in the building.  We went in the room.  We found drawers.  We felt animals. - Ethan

We went on a field trip to Oak Hammock Marsh.  It was very fun.  Kale went to a tiny town and he got all sandy.  It was very, very wet.  He couldn't wash his hands so he had to dry them somewhere else.  There was a strange cave where you could walk.  There was birds and animals.  Then there was a light that went on and off and then when you looked at the side, there was a coyote.  It was very freaky.