Friday, March 22, 2013

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

The past week at school has been busy, but fun.  We have been continuing to work hard.  We mostly finished all of our books about Winter.  On Wednesday, our class had the chance to dye some eggs for Easter.  I will post the pictures as soon as I can from the egg-cellent experience! - Miss Matsumoto

We read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we made eggs.  My eggs were yellow and orange. - M.

On Wednesday, our class dyed Easter eggs.  It was fun!  And we got to bring them home.  And today we might be watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - the old one. - Stella

We read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We finished it and now we are going to watch the movie.  We can't watch the new one because it is rated PG.  - Tanaye

Monday, March 18, 2013

VoiceThread Student-Led Comments and Goals

Last week, our class had our second round of Student-Led conferences.  After leading their families through their celebrations, each student had the chance to make a comment about something they and their families were proud of and something they should continue to work on for the rest of Grade 1.  Hopefully we can check in before the end of year to see if we are making any progress with our goals!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Expert Projects

We have started working on our Expert Projects for IBL with Ms. McAuley.  We are looking up facts in books and looking up pictures from the Internet.  Each student has picked a topic that they would like to become an expert in.  There are a lot of different things that we want to know about.  I am very excited to see everyone's projects. - Miss Matsumoto

We did something good.  I looked at the car books and I saw the engine.  And there was old cars in the book. - Skylar

We went to the Library and the Computer Lab for IBL and my expert project was skating and the figure eight. - Enya

My Expert Project is how the bowling lanes work. - Kale

My Expert Project was roses.  I am supposed to make an "R", then I make a circle on top, then I'm supposed to make an oval. - Frdos

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Sid

Testing Our Ears

During our class investigation of the 5 Senses, we tested how to help increase the size of our ears in order to hear sounds better. - Miss Matsumoto

Guest Readers from I Love to Read!

We had the chance to have several guest readers in our classroom for I Love to Read month.

I will add the other photo later! - Miss Matsumoto

100 Days Smarter

Our class blog just had some new websites added under the Useful Websites tab.  You can try these at home to practice sight words, math facts and some mental math!

Our class recently celebrated the 100th day of school. 
-Miss Matsumoto

We had our 100 day on Thursday.  We had a party for 100 day and I brought 100 stickers to school to show my class. - Hannah

I was not here for the party because I was sick. - Isaiah

I like my brother and my sister. - T.

The class party was actually the 100 day celebration.  It was awesome! - Kale

On the 100th day of school we had a really fun party and we made glasses that are shaped like the number 100 and we made fruit loop necklaces and we also wrote 100 things that we do want and 100 things that we don't want. - Stella

For the 100th day of school we all had to bring in a collection of 100 things.  I brought in 100 Squinkees. - Tanaye