Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All about our life

What we have been  doing this month well,we finished our Santa letters.What have you been doing?We have also been working on some reserch on reptiles mammals, and amphibians. We just had our winter concert.It was about Melton the warm hearted snowman.Also, there were lots of bake and craft sales. It has been so cold out side,we cant go out side! We have been doing lots of Christmas crafts. Did you know there are 12 more days until Christmas? We are making cookies next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

All about school

We all are exsited for christmas!!! We are studing animals. We are writing letters to Sata claus. We are doing daily 5 .We sometimes read goosebumps and other books. We have to finish our letters to santa today!!!. We fainaly finisht our picsso art and  our flat stories and flat chaters.Miss matsumoto is giving us books for christmas.

By Evva and Lara

Friday, December 6, 2013


We strted notes to santa and some are doing good copes.We did our consert and we are doing daily 5.  We do morning mesig  and some peoeple in our classroom are making books.
by M

We strted our monstr progect and we are  studeing anamils. We are worcking on wrting  and we are  worcking on reading.
by Evva

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Room 163s December

Please welcome our first guest authors Ella and Jonavyn.  Here is the blog that they were working on during the week:

It was the first day of December a cuple days ago.I put up my Christmas tree.At school we are going to do some Christmas crafts.Tomorrow is the Christmas Concert at school.We have bin working on the Christmas concert.Today is the christmas concert.

On saturday I was decerating my christmas tree with my brother.yesterday I was watching skydoesminecraft.And deadlox. I was watching them play parkour.of epic jump map of
vitlintimes a dision.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Introducing our Guest Blog Authors

Our class has decided to have guest blog authors for our blog.  And since we have been practicing and working hard at being writers, the guest blog authors are us!  Each week we will take turns writing on our class blog in partners.

We developed some criteria for expectations when working on the blog during Daily Five, as well as criteria for what we write about.  We have already started with our first two guest authors, Ella and Jonavyn.  Stay tuned for their post!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Our FLAT Characters...

Our class LOVES the Flat Stanley books!!  We love them so much that we decided to make flat versions of ourselves and write stories about how they became flat.  My character is called Miss Flatsumoto!  We will also take pictures of our flat characters and send them with our stories to our University pen pals.  We are currently working on our stories and hopefully can post some on our blog.

Stay tuned for more!
-Miss Matsumoto

I'm not done my flat character yet, but I will be soon. - Sierra

I'm not done my flat character.  I need to work on it and then I need to colour it before I cut it out. - Skylar

We are starting our flat character stories. A couple people aren't done their flat characters, but I am.  Now we are writing our stories about our characters and how we got flat. - Ella

Student-Led Conference Goal Storybird

Last week our class had our Student-Led Conferences. With our families, we shared something we were proud of and something we need to continue to work on in Grade 1 and 2. Each student used one page from the story creating website Storybird. . Here is our book. Please enjoy!

October and beyond...

In the month of October we carved pumpkins and had a Halloween parade.  We had Halloween gym and there was a maze thing. - Stella

We started our Monster Project with our Learning Buddies.  We started our writing in our portfolios. - Evva

We start our Egypt mask and we will finish our Egypt masks.  We will wash our gym shirts on Monday. - M.

We had gym before recess.  And then after lunch we had recess.  Then me and Aiden played in the Friendship room. - Skylar

Thursday, November 21, 2013

We have been missing....

Hello Everyone,

Sorry we have been absent from our blog lately.  We have been very busy and will try to keep the blog better updated.  Here are some highlights from what we have been up to for the past few weeks:

Hundred Chart puzzle solvers hard at work

Halloween Gym

Halloween Gym

Halloween Gym

Halloween Gym

Carving Pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins

Counting seeds

Pattern work

Science Research

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Month of September in Room 163

During the month of September, Room 163 worked very hard and of course, were extremely busy.  We made self-portraits and a book about our summer.  We are also are working on a Classroom Bucket Book.  We read the two books about how to fill someone's bucket and decided to make our own book about how WE can do it too!  We also are going to keep track of how we filled each other's buckets using our bucket tree.  We started doing our word sorts and have begun our reading groups.  We are studying the food groups and will soon be starting our Monster Project!

Miss Matsumoto

We have started our home reading.  It's fun!  Because you learn how to read. - Kale

We are going to make a monster.  Our teacher sent a note to our families and the note tells our families that we have to bring supplies for our monster.  And we are starting our word sorts.  - Ella

We will start our Monster Project and we are reading our books.  We read at Daily 5 and we started doing our books.  We are doing a flat project and we have a early dismissal in the P.M. at 2:45.  We just go to gym.  We went to gym already.  And we are going to read our flat stories. - M.

We already started our Flat characters where we make ourselves flat.  And we will do stories about how our characters became flat.  And we are doing a Bucket Book, but first we put it on the board.  - Lara

We sent letters to our Pen Pals, but we haven't got theirs yet.  - Sierra

Our monster project is starting in October.  We are almost starting it. - A.

We have lots of monster parts for our monster project.  - Evva

This year we are doing our Monster project.  We are working on the legs.  We are working on stories on how we became flat and we also made flat characters.  In September we started our jobs and our number line. - Stella

Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer and Starting School

I had a great summer, but I am glad to be back at school with everyone. 
-Miss Matsumoto

We go back to school and we went to Gym and recess and we had Agenda, Lunch.  We have gym bag. - M.

I went quading during the summer.  We also had my sister's birthday at the beach. In gym, we have gym shirts. - Kale

I went on a plane to Bangladesh.  I didn't go to school there, I am going to a Canadian school.  Our Canadian school is all the way up to grade 8. - A.

I had a great summer.  I went to Fun Mountain and I went to my cabin and I roasted marshmallows.  I went to a parade in Clear Lake.  And school has been great so far.  We are in a 1/2 split and we have gym bags for gym and that's it. - Stella

I went to a cabin and I roasted marshmallows and I am sooo good at reading in school. - J.

I went camping and I went to a water park.  My sister's birthday was in August.  I am in grade 2 now and my class is a 1/2 split.  And school was really, really fun so far.  - Ella

My summer was good.  I went on a road trip to the United States for 2 days and 1 night.  There was a water park there that was really fun.  It had a lazy river in it.  And school was really good so far.  I am practising my reading. - E.

I went to the cabin and I roasted s'mores.  And I went to the beach.  It was lots of fun.  Well I have been trying my hardest so far.  School's fun. - D.

I rode a camel.  It was real!  I also went swimming.  And then it was my cousin's birthday and I went to Build-a-Bear.  I also got to go to BDI and then there was a bridge.  There was a lake under the bridge.  I saw a beaver under the bridge.  School was the most fun school! - Lara

I went to Calgary.  School is AWESOME!! - S.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The First Day of School

Well, the first day of school is tomorrow and summer is sadly over.  I am both excited and nervous to begin our school year.  I am very lucky to have many of my students from last year in my classroom again for Grade 2 and also to have 5 new students beginning Grade 1.  I was very busy this summer and it seemed to pass by very quickly.  Here are some photos from my summer!  Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!!
-Miss Matsumoto  

Folk Festival 2013

GIANT Scrabble at Folk Festival!

Painting chairs for school my favourite colour :) 

Mary Poppins at Rainbow Stage
Setting up our classroom for this year in August

Taking classes at the University of Manitoba (I am a student too!)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day....shhhhhhhhh

In the beginning of June, our class, along with the other grade 1 classrooms went on a field trip to Oak Hammock Marsh.  We had a beautiful day!

We have some secret Father's Day gifts that we have made.  Shhhhh!  We need to keep it a BIG secret until Sunday...Don't tell anyone!!
- Miss Matsumoto

It is so secret.  We went to Oak Hammock Marsh!  When we played, there was a little town and then there was a button outside the thing and then if you clicked the button it will pour water out of the cloud for a while.  It is a secret for the gifts and I am a spy. - Lara

We went to Oak Hammock Marsh.  It was awesome! We went critter dipping and hiking and we got to play around.  It was so so so so fun!! - Stella

We went to Oak Hammock Marsh.  There was a lot of bugs.  Good thing I had pants on or else I would get a mosquito bite.  And Kale got a water bug on his finger.  Kale dropped his net in the water and Kale had to get his net out of the water.  Somebody else dropped their net in the water and Kale had to get their net too. - Carter

That is true, I did get a bloodworm on my finger!  Aiden and me caught so many snails.  So many snails! - Kale

When we went to Oak Hammock Marsh I had a bug on my hands. - F.

When me and Isabella were Critter Dipping, we got a lot of bugs and we got a water tiger. - Hannah

When we went to Oak Hammock marsh, I got a fly on me and I flicked it off.  - Lexie

At Oak Hammock Marsh, we saw birds and animals and ground hogs.  - Charlie

When we went to Oak Hammock Marsh, there was a sand box.  It was wet sand.  My hands got sand on them.  - Isabella

I saw a tiny town.  I pushed down the button and it was a big city made of water and the sand got wet. - Skylar

We went to Oak Hammock Marsh.  When I was critter dipping with Carter we were moving spots and then our bucket spilled and there critters EVERYWHERE!  After we critter dipped, we got to look at them with a see through jar.  Me and Carter caught a snail.  It looked really weird!  There was some free time in a room there.  There was a lot of fun things, even a boat with some fake geese.  And there was even a little house that only had a kitchen and a computer table.  The table in the kitchen didn't have any chairs.  In the front of the doorway of the room, there were two geese with their wings wide open.  In the front entrance of Oak Hammock marsh, there was a pelican and geese with their wings wide open.  There was a display with dead animals in it and we played Eye Spy to find the animals.   - Tanaye

We ate in the building.  We went in the room.  We found drawers.  We felt animals. - Ethan

We went on a field trip to Oak Hammock Marsh.  It was very fun.  Kale went to a tiny town and he got all sandy.  It was very, very wet.  He couldn't wash his hands so he had to dry them somewhere else.  There was a strange cave where you could walk.  There was birds and animals.  Then there was a light that went on and off and then when you looked at the side, there was a coyote.  It was very freaky. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Doubles Raps!!

As part of our learning for doubles I shared with my class these doubles raps.  We liked it so much we are trying to write our own doubles rap.  Hopefully we might be able to share it!

 Miss Matsumoto

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Double Trouble and Hello to Isaiah!

Our class has been as usual extremely busy working hard.  In math we have been writing and solving math story problems for addition AND subtraction!  We also have been learning about the zero property and doubles up to 12+12=24.  We have been making books in Science.

-Miss Matsumoto

Add caption

Isaiah moved downtown.  :( I learned that 10+10=20 and 100+100=200. - Aiden

We are making a doubles rap. - Ella

This is for Isaiah.  When are you going to visit?:) - Lara

In Science we are working on our days of the week books.  And we are working on a doubles rap. - Tanaye

When the doubles rap is on, we say 5+5=10.  It's for the doubles rap.  We just count for the doubles rap. - M.

In math we are working on our own doubles rap.  And it's called Doubles Rap II.  - Stella

Isaiah, you missed Dancing in the Park!  It was soooo much FUN! - Lexie

Coming up pretty soon in June is another field trip.  We are going to Oak Hammock Marsh.  I wonder what it's going to be like.  Miss Matsumoto says that it is outside.  I wonder what's there? - Enya

Friday, May 10, 2013

Playground Clean-up and Mother's Day

We just come to school.  We have lots of things on our schedule and jobs to do.  We can't go outside because it is raining outside.  We have to just stay inside and have indoor recess.  - M.

On Sunday it is Mother's Day.  It's going to be so much fun.  I'm going to go to church and I think I will make a mother's day gift. - Lara

After the rain, it turns to summer. - Skylar

I am going to the States tomorrow.  I will not come to school on Monday because I am going to the States. - Carter

We are excited for Mother's Day.  - Isabella

I was helping clean up garbage and I found a big glove while I was cleaning up. - Enya

I was cleaning up too.  I found a little candy bag and it still had candy in it!!  I DID NOT eat it!! - Lexie

I am SO excited for Mother's Day.  I got my mum lots and lots of presents and we are probably going to go out somewhere for dinner.  It is going to be so much fun!! - Ella

Kale found a bag in the mud and took it out of the mud and he put in the garbage bag.  And Tanaye thought it was dog poo!! - Aiden

Today we read an Eric Carle book about pancakes.  We were discussing about the different ways we like to eat pancakes.  Mostly everyone in our classroom LOVES pancakes!!  We wrote about the way we like to eat our pancakes in our journals.  Earlier this week, we decided to help the environment by cleaning up our playground.  Many students in Room 163 used gloves and garbage bags to help tidy up ALL the garbage outside.  We actually found quite a bit of garbage during one recess!  - Miss Matsumoto

Thank you Grade Ones!

On Friday May 3 I wrapped up my teaching block. I had the opportunity to work with fantastic students! I will truly miss all of my grade ones! Thank you for helping me become a better teacher. I hope to see you all soon! -Miss Hrynyk

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Music Monday

Yesterday was Music Monday.  All around the world people celebrated Music Monday in a unique way spurred on by a request from Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield.  It was an event that celebrated music and had a musical collaboration between earth and space.  Our school was involved in a number of activities.  We had some representatives from grade 5 singing at the legislature building and the jazz band played with others at Transcona Collegiate Institute.  In the afternoon the entire school celebrated Music Monday during an assembly where we sang the Music Monday theme song - "ISS - Is Somebody Singing."

Additionally there was a live webcast that our class attempted to watch starting at 11:00 a.m. where Chris Hadfield sang "ISS - Is Somebody Singing" aboard the International Space Station along with students from schools in Canada.  Unfortunately the webcast was continuously loading, so we were only able to see snippets of the actual webcast.  Afterwards, I managed to find YouTube video of Chris Hadfield singing "ISS - Is Somebody Singing" from space with the Barenaked Ladies.  Below is that video and a video of our class singing along.  Enjoy! - Miss Matsumoto

Dear Spring...

This week has been a very busy week for us! We made pizza yesterday, we made science projects and we also made Eric Carle artwork!! -Miss Hrynyk

We made pizza yesterday, the pizza was good! -Carter

This week has been very fun, we have done all sorts of stuff. We made pizza and Eric Carle art and finished our science projects by painting them! -Stella

Today we went to the computer lab and looked at our houses. -Aiden

Making the pizza was fun!! The pizza dough was very sticky. Today we went on Google Earth and looked at our houses. -Ella

We sent a letter to Spring! -Ethan

Last week our class had a sad, but happy week. It was Miss Hrynyk's last week and I know that our entire class will miss having her everyday in Room 163. On Wednesday, we made pizzas for lunch. They were delicious!!! This week everyone we finished and presented our science design projects. We also have been studying our Author of the Month, Eric Carle's artwork through his wonderful books. We were inspired to create our own art like Eric Carle's. I will be posting pictures of our art later this week. I was truly impressed by the entire process as well as the pictures that were created by the students in our classroom. Finally, we were disappointed in the poor weather of late and wrote letters to Spring. We are currently editing them and I be sharing our letters to Spring hopefully very soon. -Miss Matsumoto

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Expert Projects

Just before Spring Break, our grade 1 class decided to become experts.  I got the idea for Expert Projects from a fellow teacher who started doing Expert Projects during Daily Five with her grade 1/2 class at Dr. Hamilton.  We decided that we were interested in becoming experts of a great many different things.  We had do a lot of research in order to become experts and then decided to present our new found knowledge using PowerPoint to create presentations.  As a class, we built criteria that everyone had to follow for their project.  We had an Expert Project showcase and invited our families and other people in our school.  Each student had the chance to present their Expert Project.  It was a great success!  I have shared some of our projects on our blog under the Expert Project tab above. 
I know that everyone worked very hard.  I will continue to add the rest of our projects this week. 
- Miss Matsumoto

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Manitoba Museum

Yesterday, for the whole day, our class, along with the other grade one classes went to the Manitoba Museum for a field trip.  We took school buses there and back and saw lots of great things!  We spent time upstairs in the museum and downstairs in the Science Gallery.  We saw a Sense-sational science experiment and also got to eat ice cream!!  - Miss Matsumoto

The ice cream was -200 degrees cold.  This guy gave us four bags in our four groups that had things inside.  When I felt slime inside, first I thought it was a soggy diaper.  It was really slime! And we heard sound effects and we had to name them.  Then at the end, we got to go and play. - Isaiah

The guy who made the Manitoba Museum ice cream didn't even have to put it in the freezer.  It was liquid gas that made it cold.  There was lots of smoke.  - Enya

At the Science Gallery there was this thing where you would pull the rope and the chair went up and when you let go the chair would drop.  We saw some different houses that people used to live in a long time ago.  We saw a forest, some animals and we also saw wolves.  There was dummies that looked freaky! - Tanaye

We got to wear some socks and we were able to go in the maze full of mirrors.  The wall was filled with mirrors, and the floors were filled with mirrors.  It was a maze, but it was short and I loved it!  I wished it was big! - Lara

There was a racetrack.  People were racing cars.  The fastest car was the green car.   - Kale

There was a camera where you stand and put yourself in front of a wall and then someone pressed a red button.  You need to run back quickly and go back to the wall.  And then you look again at the wall and see your shadow on the wall. - Aiden

I was racing cars.  Then I was in the lead.  Then my car had rims and now I just changed my tires because I wanted them to be smaller. - Skylar

Friday, March 22, 2013

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

The past week at school has been busy, but fun.  We have been continuing to work hard.  We mostly finished all of our books about Winter.  On Wednesday, our class had the chance to dye some eggs for Easter.  I will post the pictures as soon as I can from the egg-cellent experience! - Miss Matsumoto

We read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we made eggs.  My eggs were yellow and orange. - M.

On Wednesday, our class dyed Easter eggs.  It was fun!  And we got to bring them home.  And today we might be watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - the old one. - Stella

We read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We finished it and now we are going to watch the movie.  We can't watch the new one because it is rated PG.  - Tanaye

Monday, March 18, 2013

VoiceThread Student-Led Comments and Goals

Last week, our class had our second round of Student-Led conferences.  After leading their families through their celebrations, each student had the chance to make a comment about something they and their families were proud of and something they should continue to work on for the rest of Grade 1.  Hopefully we can check in before the end of year to see if we are making any progress with our goals!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Expert Projects

We have started working on our Expert Projects for IBL with Ms. McAuley.  We are looking up facts in books and looking up pictures from the Internet.  Each student has picked a topic that they would like to become an expert in.  There are a lot of different things that we want to know about.  I am very excited to see everyone's projects. - Miss Matsumoto

We did something good.  I looked at the car books and I saw the engine.  And there was old cars in the book. - Skylar

We went to the Library and the Computer Lab for IBL and my expert project was skating and the figure eight. - Enya

My Expert Project is how the bowling lanes work. - Kale

My Expert Project was roses.  I am supposed to make an "R", then I make a circle on top, then I'm supposed to make an oval. - Frdos

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Sid

Testing Our Ears

During our class investigation of the 5 Senses, we tested how to help increase the size of our ears in order to hear sounds better. - Miss Matsumoto

Guest Readers from I Love to Read!

We had the chance to have several guest readers in our classroom for I Love to Read month.

I will add the other photo later! - Miss Matsumoto

100 Days Smarter

Our class blog just had some new websites added under the Useful Websites tab.  You can try these at home to practice sight words, math facts and some mental math!

Our class recently celebrated the 100th day of school. 
-Miss Matsumoto

We had our 100 day on Thursday.  We had a party for 100 day and I brought 100 stickers to school to show my class. - Hannah

I was not here for the party because I was sick. - Isaiah

I like my brother and my sister. - T.

The class party was actually the 100 day celebration.  It was awesome! - Kale

On the 100th day of school we had a really fun party and we made glasses that are shaped like the number 100 and we made fruit loop necklaces and we also wrote 100 things that we do want and 100 things that we don't want. - Stella

For the 100th day of school we all had to bring in a collection of 100 things.  I brought in 100 Squinkees. - Tanaye

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Counting Videos

Our class is always practicing our skip counting.  Here are some videos to help us continue to practice:

Counting by 2s Video

Counting by 5s Video

Ways to Make 10 Video

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This month is I love to read month! I love to read.  It is fun. -Stella

Yesterday was our Valentine's Day party! There was lots of food. -Ella

The party was awesome. There was lots of yummy candy in our folders. We made folders and then people put candy in our folders. At home I ate lots and lots of candy. -Lara U.

In February it is Valentines Day. -M

We just learned what lace is. It is not a shoe lace. -Lexie

Yesterday was our class party, we made Valentine holders and lots of Valentines and candy.-Tanaye

Last week was Spirit week. It was awesome.-Carter

We all like Valentines day! We had fun. Happy Valentines day!-Ethan

We ate and had a very good party and I was passing out cards.  I was giving them to everyone in our class. Gym was fun. -Skylar

Don't have a Valentines party before Gym because you will eat too much sugar and get hyper.-Enya

So far we have had two guest readers for I love to read month. Pictures to come! -Miss Matsumoto

The teachers are dancing at I love to read month. I can't wait it will be awesome. The middle years teachers are dancing. -F.

We love school. It is fantastic!-Aiden

I love to read books to my class!!! Especially Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!-Miss Hrynyk

Thursday, February 7, 2013


February is I Love to Read month.  There is a reading challenge calendar where we can do different reading challenges at home with our families.  If we complete 15, we can be entered to win a prize in the Library.  We also have been having a school-wide Spirit Week celebration.  Each day we are dressing like a different salad dressing.  So far we have had Thousand Island Dressing day, Blue Cheese Dressing day and today is Ranch Dressing day.  We have been studying perspective using oil pastels and this week we are trying to imitate our Author of the Month, Barbara Reid's illustrations using plasticine.

Next week our class will be celebrating Valentine's Day.  The following week is the 100th day of school and we will have another celebration!  The other grade 1 classes will be having a 100 day celebration as well.  February is one busy month! - Miss Matsumoto

I wish I had a cowboy hat for February. - M.

I hope I get a prize entry for I love to Read.  The prizes are stuffed animals and I think some books. - Stella

I can't wait until 100 day and I wish I would get a prize for I love to Read.  I can't wait until it's the Valentine's party.  It's going to be so much fun. - Lara

On Spirit Week we already finished a Thousand Island and Blue Cheese.  Today is the Ranch dressing and tomorrow will be wear school colours for House Dressing.  I will wear black and yellow. - Lexie

2nd Last week of January

Last week we had indoor recess ALL week.  It was very cold outside.  We have been talking about and writing about our favourite food at our favourite restaurants.  We have also been learning about our 5 Senses in science.  Last week, Miss Hrynyk did a smelling experiment with us. 
- Miss Matsumoto

We played on the play structure.  - M.

Next week will be Spirit Week.  The first theme will be Thousand Islands dressing and you have dress like you are on Hawaii.  - Ella

Next Spirit day it will be Blue Cheese and we have to wear ALL blue!  It's going to be fun at Spirit Week! - Lara

I am getting bored of indoor recess. - Aiden

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Assembly on Thursday

We are going to have an assembly this Thursday.  We are going to have fun. - Stella

I can't wait until the assembly and the 100th day of grade one. - Lara

We are going to sing I Love to Read. - F.

We are going to ask two questions.  And the two questions are: What's your favourite book and why is that your favourite book. - Enya

We work very hard reading.  Some books are easy and pack a punch and we work very hard. - Skylar

We are doing lots of things for the assembly.  Everything is going to be great. - Lexie

We just have two days until the assembly. - M.

We have a new choice for indoor recess.  It's an indoor recess bin and there is bowling and a Snakes and Ladders and a lot of fun things. - Aiden

Our class is one of the classes in charge of the I Love to Read assembly this Thursday.  We have been working hard interviewing each other and people in our school.  We came up with two important questions asking about people's favourite books.  We will be showing their answers on a special video during the assembly.  We also helped to write a part in a poem about books!  Each classroom will get to write one part.  We will all read our own parts during the assembly.  - Miss Matsumoto

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eye See You

When we made our eyes, we used some of Miss Matsumoto's mirrors.  We drew our eyes and it was fun. - Stella

On Saturday, I bought a music box. - Lara

We drew our eyes and we drew them brown and black.  We drew eyelashes and eyebrows. - M.

We used Miss Matsumoto's mirrors and we looked at our eyes and we found our pupil in our eyes.  We used paper to draw our eyes and eyelashes too and the pupil and eyebrows. - Skylar

We drew our eyes with crayon and pencil crayons.  Some had brown and black.  Some had aqua and green. - F.

Lots of people's eyes are different colours. - Tanaye

On Saturday, there was deep snow in my backyard.  I stepped in it.  I needed a shovel to get me out!! - Carter

On Friday, our class, as part of our study on The Senses took a closer look at our eyes.  We drew our eyes in a close-up picture.  Everyone's picture needed to have a pupil, eyebrows, eyelashes and an eyelid.  We used mirrors to make sure we knew what colour our eyes were.  Some of our eyes were more than one colour!  They look fantastic!! - Miss Matsumoto