Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Counting Videos

Our class is always practicing our skip counting.  Here are some videos to help us continue to practice:

Counting by 2s Video

Counting by 5s Video

Ways to Make 10 Video

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This month is I love to read month! I love to read.  It is fun. -Stella

Yesterday was our Valentine's Day party! There was lots of food. -Ella

The party was awesome. There was lots of yummy candy in our folders. We made folders and then people put candy in our folders. At home I ate lots and lots of candy. -Lara U.

In February it is Valentines Day. -M

We just learned what lace is. It is not a shoe lace. -Lexie

Yesterday was our class party, we made Valentine holders and lots of Valentines and candy.-Tanaye

Last week was Spirit week. It was awesome.-Carter

We all like Valentines day! We had fun. Happy Valentines day!-Ethan

We ate and had a very good party and I was passing out cards.  I was giving them to everyone in our class. Gym was fun. -Skylar

Don't have a Valentines party before Gym because you will eat too much sugar and get hyper.-Enya

So far we have had two guest readers for I love to read month. Pictures to come! -Miss Matsumoto

The teachers are dancing at I love to read month. I can't wait it will be awesome. The middle years teachers are dancing. -F.

We love school. It is fantastic!-Aiden

I love to read books to my class!!! Especially Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!-Miss Hrynyk

Thursday, February 7, 2013


February is I Love to Read month.  There is a reading challenge calendar where we can do different reading challenges at home with our families.  If we complete 15, we can be entered to win a prize in the Library.  We also have been having a school-wide Spirit Week celebration.  Each day we are dressing like a different salad dressing.  So far we have had Thousand Island Dressing day, Blue Cheese Dressing day and today is Ranch Dressing day.  We have been studying perspective using oil pastels and this week we are trying to imitate our Author of the Month, Barbara Reid's illustrations using plasticine.

Next week our class will be celebrating Valentine's Day.  The following week is the 100th day of school and we will have another celebration!  The other grade 1 classes will be having a 100 day celebration as well.  February is one busy month! - Miss Matsumoto

I wish I had a cowboy hat for February. - M.

I hope I get a prize entry for I love to Read.  The prizes are stuffed animals and I think some books. - Stella

I can't wait until 100 day and I wish I would get a prize for I love to Read.  I can't wait until it's the Valentine's party.  It's going to be so much fun. - Lara

On Spirit Week we already finished a Thousand Island and Blue Cheese.  Today is the Ranch dressing and tomorrow will be wear school colours for House Dressing.  I will wear black and yellow. - Lexie

2nd Last week of January

Last week we had indoor recess ALL week.  It was very cold outside.  We have been talking about and writing about our favourite food at our favourite restaurants.  We have also been learning about our 5 Senses in science.  Last week, Miss Hrynyk did a smelling experiment with us. 
- Miss Matsumoto

We played on the play structure.  - M.

Next week will be Spirit Week.  The first theme will be Thousand Islands dressing and you have dress like you are on Hawaii.  - Ella

Next Spirit day it will be Blue Cheese and we have to wear ALL blue!  It's going to be fun at Spirit Week! - Lara

I am getting bored of indoor recess. - Aiden