Thursday, May 30, 2013

Doubles Raps!!

As part of our learning for doubles I shared with my class these doubles raps.  We liked it so much we are trying to write our own doubles rap.  Hopefully we might be able to share it!

 Miss Matsumoto

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Double Trouble and Hello to Isaiah!

Our class has been as usual extremely busy working hard.  In math we have been writing and solving math story problems for addition AND subtraction!  We also have been learning about the zero property and doubles up to 12+12=24.  We have been making books in Science.

-Miss Matsumoto

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Isaiah moved downtown.  :( I learned that 10+10=20 and 100+100=200. - Aiden

We are making a doubles rap. - Ella

This is for Isaiah.  When are you going to visit?:) - Lara

In Science we are working on our days of the week books.  And we are working on a doubles rap. - Tanaye

When the doubles rap is on, we say 5+5=10.  It's for the doubles rap.  We just count for the doubles rap. - M.

In math we are working on our own doubles rap.  And it's called Doubles Rap II.  - Stella

Isaiah, you missed Dancing in the Park!  It was soooo much FUN! - Lexie

Coming up pretty soon in June is another field trip.  We are going to Oak Hammock Marsh.  I wonder what it's going to be like.  Miss Matsumoto says that it is outside.  I wonder what's there? - Enya

Friday, May 10, 2013

Playground Clean-up and Mother's Day

We just come to school.  We have lots of things on our schedule and jobs to do.  We can't go outside because it is raining outside.  We have to just stay inside and have indoor recess.  - M.

On Sunday it is Mother's Day.  It's going to be so much fun.  I'm going to go to church and I think I will make a mother's day gift. - Lara

After the rain, it turns to summer. - Skylar

I am going to the States tomorrow.  I will not come to school on Monday because I am going to the States. - Carter

We are excited for Mother's Day.  - Isabella

I was helping clean up garbage and I found a big glove while I was cleaning up. - Enya

I was cleaning up too.  I found a little candy bag and it still had candy in it!!  I DID NOT eat it!! - Lexie

I am SO excited for Mother's Day.  I got my mum lots and lots of presents and we are probably going to go out somewhere for dinner.  It is going to be so much fun!! - Ella

Kale found a bag in the mud and took it out of the mud and he put in the garbage bag.  And Tanaye thought it was dog poo!! - Aiden

Today we read an Eric Carle book about pancakes.  We were discussing about the different ways we like to eat pancakes.  Mostly everyone in our classroom LOVES pancakes!!  We wrote about the way we like to eat our pancakes in our journals.  Earlier this week, we decided to help the environment by cleaning up our playground.  Many students in Room 163 used gloves and garbage bags to help tidy up ALL the garbage outside.  We actually found quite a bit of garbage during one recess!  - Miss Matsumoto

Thank you Grade Ones!

On Friday May 3 I wrapped up my teaching block. I had the opportunity to work with fantastic students! I will truly miss all of my grade ones! Thank you for helping me become a better teacher. I hope to see you all soon! -Miss Hrynyk

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Music Monday

Yesterday was Music Monday.  All around the world people celebrated Music Monday in a unique way spurred on by a request from Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield.  It was an event that celebrated music and had a musical collaboration between earth and space.  Our school was involved in a number of activities.  We had some representatives from grade 5 singing at the legislature building and the jazz band played with others at Transcona Collegiate Institute.  In the afternoon the entire school celebrated Music Monday during an assembly where we sang the Music Monday theme song - "ISS - Is Somebody Singing."

Additionally there was a live webcast that our class attempted to watch starting at 11:00 a.m. where Chris Hadfield sang "ISS - Is Somebody Singing" aboard the International Space Station along with students from schools in Canada.  Unfortunately the webcast was continuously loading, so we were only able to see snippets of the actual webcast.  Afterwards, I managed to find YouTube video of Chris Hadfield singing "ISS - Is Somebody Singing" from space with the Barenaked Ladies.  Below is that video and a video of our class singing along.  Enjoy! - Miss Matsumoto

Dear Spring...

This week has been a very busy week for us! We made pizza yesterday, we made science projects and we also made Eric Carle artwork!! -Miss Hrynyk

We made pizza yesterday, the pizza was good! -Carter

This week has been very fun, we have done all sorts of stuff. We made pizza and Eric Carle art and finished our science projects by painting them! -Stella

Today we went to the computer lab and looked at our houses. -Aiden

Making the pizza was fun!! The pizza dough was very sticky. Today we went on Google Earth and looked at our houses. -Ella

We sent a letter to Spring! -Ethan

Last week our class had a sad, but happy week. It was Miss Hrynyk's last week and I know that our entire class will miss having her everyday in Room 163. On Wednesday, we made pizzas for lunch. They were delicious!!! This week everyone we finished and presented our science design projects. We also have been studying our Author of the Month, Eric Carle's artwork through his wonderful books. We were inspired to create our own art like Eric Carle's. I will be posting pictures of our art later this week. I was truly impressed by the entire process as well as the pictures that were created by the students in our classroom. Finally, we were disappointed in the poor weather of late and wrote letters to Spring. We are currently editing them and I be sharing our letters to Spring hopefully very soon. -Miss Matsumoto