Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Gym!!

Here are some photos of our class during Halloween gym today.  Each class has the chance to experience it in the days leading up to Halloween.  Today we had our chance near the end of the day.
-Miss Matsumoto

Continued from yesterday...

Tomorrow we are carving pumpkins and we are having a costume parade. - Carter

When it is Halloween, some of our moms and dads can volunteer.  Halloween is going to be so much fun. - Stella

In Halloween gym, we have fun.  It was scary. - Skylar

I am excited for trick or treating. - M.

We are excited for Halloween so I can go trick-or-treating. - Lara

We were scared in Halloween gym.  The maze and the changerooms were scary because I can get scared easily sometimes. - Aiden

I like Halloween gym.  I like swinging on the ropes.  - Lara

I am excited for Halloween.  Hallowen is so much fun. - Isabella

At Halloween gym, we had to put our hands in some food and they felt like body parts.  I had fun. - Tanaye

We had fun. - Ethan

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This is the last day that we can bring plastic bags and it's almost Halloween! - Carter

It's going to be lots of fun at Halloween day at school. - Stella

We really, really want to win the plastic bags.  We will win a Sundae Party! We are excited. - Hannah

At school on Halloween we are going to carve pumpkins.  It will be lots of fun. - Ella

When it is Halloween at school, we will go to our classroom and then we will have a parade.  - Tanaye

I wish there was no school today. - M.

I'm going to be an owl for Halloween. - Enya

I am excited for the Halloween parade and we're going to make the Monster Project. - Frdos

I am excited for our Halloween party.  - Miss Hrynyk

Our class is really excited for Halloween!  We have lots of great things planned for that day at school.  I am busy making my own Halloween costume.  It will be a big surprise on Halloween!  - Miss Matsumoto

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Counting Collections

We had gym. - M.

We counted some things under the numbers. - Skylar

We picked the kind of thing that we wanted to put under the numbers, popsicle sticks, bottle caps, frogs and some fish. - Tanaye

It was very fun.  Me and Enya did it together.  It was hard work, but it was fun. - Lexie

We like doing Math.  We counted numbers and we put what was in baskets that we counted and put under the numbers. - Aiden

My partner was Skylar.  It was fun.  - Lara

My partner was Stella.  - Carter

We each got to have a partner in Math.  - Stella

Yesterday during Math, our class was counting collections. - Miss Matsumoto

Monsters and what we did today....

We had our Free Gym Showdown today. It was so much fun.  We won the Free Gym Showdown because we had the most points for September. - Stella

We worked on some parts of the monster.  It was fun.  I made eyes! - Lara

I really, really, really like school and I like coming to school.  - Carter

This afternoon (Thursday, October 11) we started our Monster Project.  It is a really big project for our class.  I know that we will have to work very hard to complete our monster.  The monster has close to 40 different parts.  Right now we are working in groups and are working on some of the main parts.   - Miss Matsumoto

We had fun and we like making the monster.  I am working on the toes.  - Isabella

I like making the monster.  My group is working on the arms.  - Ella

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monster Madness

Our Terry Fox run was very fun. - Stella

It is October, 2012!

I am so happy. - Skylar

We like school. - Aiden

We have fun at recess. - Tanaye

We played the Pirate Game in Gym. - Carter

We had a Guest Teacher in the morning. - Ella

Our families are ordering school pictures. - Lara

We like reading with our Learning Buddies! - Kale

We raise our hands to be polite. - Lexie

This is a picture of our class that we took for our upcoming Monster project where we will be building a monster with other classrooms around the world.  We were responsible for designing the wristwatch! - Miss Matsumoto

Monday, October 1, 2012

Terry Fox and more...

We have fun at recess. - Stella

We have Learning Buddies and they don't just help us read, they can help us do anything! - Hannah

Today we wrote in our journals. - Ella

We share things at school. - Isabella

We read poems. - Lara

It's fun at school. - Isaiah

Last week we did the Terry Fox run. - Lexie

We love school! - Kale

We had fun at Terry Fox. - Enya

Today we had a guest teacher at gym. - Tanaye

We walked slowly and fast for Terry Fox. - Skylar

Last week our school participated in the Terry Fox run/walk.  We had talked about Terry Fox as a class and how he has helped to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.  In the morning, our entire school attended an assembly to listen to a speaker from Terry's team.  She was a former teacher from Saskatchewan who has survived cancer and now comes to schools to talk about her experiences.  After the assembly, our school did our own Terry Fox run/walk outside.