Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Introducing our KIDBLOGS and excitement for Valentine's Day

Our class is FINALLY starting our Kidblogs this week!  I am very excited to see what everyone's first post will be.  This week we talked about how to make a quality comment.  We need to know how to do this because we can make comments on each other's Storybirds AND on our Kidblog posts.  We watched a video that was made by a grade 3 class in California.  We are also following the Olympics.  I personally LOVE watching the Olympics and probably spend too much time watching TV because of this.  Oh well, I'm glad they only happen every four years!  Also, we are celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday.  I think that the people in our classroom are pretty excited for it.  I personally am pretty excited for 100 day which is coming up next week! - Miss Matsumoto

I'm excited for Valentine's Day.  I LOVE Valentine's Day.  We are going to celebrate Valentine's Day at school.  - Isabella

Valentine's Day is on Friday and we have Gym this week.  We will play Gym after recess.  We will have recess after Math.  We will play recess indoors.  We will celebrate Valentine's Day at school.  We need to just do our KidBlog.  I finished my Storybird because I finished.  I'm glad we do our KidBlog. - M.

Valentine's Day is a special day that we thank our class.  - A.

Valentine's Day is ALMOST COMING!  Can you believe it?  Valentine's Day is so fun because we get to celebrate it in our class.  We get lots of candy and get to share our love all around the world.  And it's almost 100 Day for our class.  On 100 Day we have Early Dismissal.  I can't wait until it's Saturday because we have no school.  We are doing KidBlog and are doing a Like and Good At t-chart in our journals like our Survival Guides.  - Lara

Valentine's Day is almost here.  We are having a party on Friday because on Friday it is Valentine's Day.  We might have two parties because 100 Day is almost here for us.  Miss Matsumoto has told us about KidBlog.  I am excited because I can't wait to use KidBlog.  KidBlog is where you can write your own blog and I can't wait to write comments on blogs and on Storybird.  I am done my Storybird book, but it is not published yet.  I cannot wait until Valentine's Day, can you? - Evva

I can't believe that Valentine's is coming soon.  On Friday!  And 100 Day!  We have science.  - Skylar

It is almost 100 Day and the whole school is celebrating it.  Soon it is also Valentine's Day and we are going to have  a party for that too.  We are going to get lots of candy and I am going to make cards for the whole class.  - Ella

only 3 more days valentines day

can't  you beleve that is almost valentines day . there is 3 mroe days. today is day 2 and we have gym after recess.we have blog  and we just stared dailey five. NO school on  17. it's almost 100 day. did anyone remember to were red. did you whach the olipics i did . canada has been working out so good in the olipics .did you remember to were red ...  today we are going to do  recssess indores

By Isabella and A.