Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer and Starting School

I had a great summer, but I am glad to be back at school with everyone. 
-Miss Matsumoto

We go back to school and we went to Gym and recess and we had Agenda, Lunch.  We have gym bag. - M.

I went quading during the summer.  We also had my sister's birthday at the beach. In gym, we have gym shirts. - Kale

I went on a plane to Bangladesh.  I didn't go to school there, I am going to a Canadian school.  Our Canadian school is all the way up to grade 8. - A.

I had a great summer.  I went to Fun Mountain and I went to my cabin and I roasted marshmallows.  I went to a parade in Clear Lake.  And school has been great so far.  We are in a 1/2 split and we have gym bags for gym and that's it. - Stella

I went to a cabin and I roasted marshmallows and I am sooo good at reading in school. - J.

I went camping and I went to a water park.  My sister's birthday was in August.  I am in grade 2 now and my class is a 1/2 split.  And school was really, really fun so far.  - Ella

My summer was good.  I went on a road trip to the United States for 2 days and 1 night.  There was a water park there that was really fun.  It had a lazy river in it.  And school was really good so far.  I am practising my reading. - E.

I went to the cabin and I roasted s'mores.  And I went to the beach.  It was lots of fun.  Well I have been trying my hardest so far.  School's fun. - D.

I rode a camel.  It was real!  I also went swimming.  And then it was my cousin's birthday and I went to Build-a-Bear.  I also got to go to BDI and then there was a bridge.  There was a lake under the bridge.  I saw a beaver under the bridge.  School was the most fun school! - Lara

I went to Calgary.  School is AWESOME!! - S.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The First Day of School

Well, the first day of school is tomorrow and summer is sadly over.  I am both excited and nervous to begin our school year.  I am very lucky to have many of my students from last year in my classroom again for Grade 2 and also to have 5 new students beginning Grade 1.  I was very busy this summer and it seemed to pass by very quickly.  Here are some photos from my summer!  Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!!
-Miss Matsumoto  

Folk Festival 2013

GIANT Scrabble at Folk Festival!

Painting chairs for school my favourite colour :) 

Mary Poppins at Rainbow Stage
Setting up our classroom for this year in August

Taking classes at the University of Manitoba (I am a student too!)